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We ride

Tackling the Tuesday night taco ride to Cumming is too tricky with a 10-month old, but we didn’t want to miss out on all of the fun on a gorgeous Earth Day. So we packed up the Burley and started peddling for pizza.


Orlondo’s is the first stop for a lot of the cyclists who plan to ride the Great Western Trail out to the Cumming Tap for Sam Auen’s famous tacos. (Of course you can now pop over to Tacopocalypse any time over lunch, but I think they taste best when they’re a reward for a good workout and after your lungs have been filled with fresh, evening air.) There was already quite a crowd by the time we got out there at about 6, but the slices weren’t ready until just before we had to leave.


Helmet-clad trio! E was the only baby at the bar.


I had to head back to work for an event, so we rode up the gravel shortcut that pops out in the neighborhood south of Grand Avenue with lots of amazing architecture and a steeeeep hill. I’m kind of obsessed with this little house.

20140422_184027Even though it basically has train tracks running through the front yard, it backs up to Waterworks and is wedged between two horse stables. The light was hitting it just right and I had a daydream about raising llamas there for something that helped distract me from the climb.

It felt great to get out on a week night and do something fun/athletic. Our evenings lately have mostly been dinnertime, bathtime, baby-crying-instead-of-sleeping time.

Did you spend any part of Earth Day outside?


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