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Sunday night syndrome

“Sunday night syndrome,” also known as the evening of dread before school/work/the one-two-punch of school and work. Luckily, I’m loving my new job. But starting Tuesday, I retreat back to the cave that is graduate school, where I have a semester of accounting for nonprofits (heart clutch! eye roll! plank fall!) and business ethics ahead of me. I really do enjoy challenging myself and learning new things, but I hate missing out on all of the events that fall on school nights.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, though:

And by light, I mean the crazy bright kind that requires big sunglasses and a sassy straw hat.

My best friend from college is getting married in the Dominican Republic in May! Joe and I will be packing up for our first ever beach vacation (the resort we’re staying at has a swim-up bar and everything), and so in addition to logging hours in class, I will be logging miles to get swimsuit ready. I’ll be running on my own and at events like this weekend’s Forey Fest 5K, a benefit for Des Moines favorite barefoot/mullet and kilt wearing runner, who was brutally beat in a bar fight and came out of a coma in time to celebrate with all of his concerned friends.

It’s shaping up to be a busy spring! I plan on doing the Drake Relays Half Marathon before we head to the beach. Maybe I should have waited until I crossed the finish line, but I already have my DR motivation suit, scored on clearance at Boden. Love the big polka dots and retro style.



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