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Nine year Des Moines-iversary

Nine (!!!) years ago, Memorial Day weekend, I moved to Des Moines – site unseen and friendless. It didn’t take me long to become an Iowan By Choice, and I am so happy to be raising a family in this city.

Justin Meyer shot some family photos for us at Greenwood Park on Saturday morning (I was worried about the rain and then remembered Justin is so talented that he could make us look good if we were standing in a Target parking lot) to celebrate Emmett’s upcoming third birthday, Eileen’s babyhood and my 31st, which is around the corner.We let Joe be in them, too.

We rode bikes to the Iowa Cubs game (knothole gang ftw) and through Gray’s Lake and had a al fresco dinner with neighborfriends yesterday, and a lemonade stand and dinner with Joe’s family tonight. (I’m going to try to forget Emmett’s bedtime meltdown tonight, thanks to two fun days without naps.)


My whole blog is basically a love letter to Des Moines, so I’ll spare you my lists of favorite things at the moment. But I will ask those local readers to contribute feedback to the Capital Crossroads 2.0 planning survey (open through June 20).


Emmett insisted on sticking out his tongue for 48% of the shoot. He is, after all, almost 3 and calls us “taco” all the time. As in, “mom/dad, you’re a taco.” Eileen gave one smile the whole time, but I kind of love her signature RBF.


My dress is by Mata Traders (Joe was a great listener when I pointed it out at Backcountry Outfitters and got it for me for Mother’s Day!), which is a really cool fair-trade and sustainable brand I’m in love with at the moment.

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