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RAYGUN writes a book

I knew Mike Draper had it in him to write something longer than fit on an American Apparel T-shirt or the commentary page of Juice. Behold:

The book reads like a series of his signature snarky essays, packed with fun facts about the awesomeness-despite-it’s-occassional-dysfunction of the region so many disregard as “flyover country.” It’s also pretty much like listening to Mike over beers at the High Life Lounge while we planned TEDxDesMoines discussed random stuff and he slyly tested out sections of the book on us. (I distinctly remember talking about midwifery. His wife works at Willowsong, which just opened a new birth space, by the way.) Chapters begin with clever illustrations andĀ  titles like, well, I’m going to screenshot it because I don’t want even more crazies directed to my blog via terms like:

He’s launching the book tour at TEDxFargo (woo!) and concluding in Des Moines on October 19. Mike was sure to let me know the super local source of the book, so in caseĀ  you only purchase books printed within a 50 mile radius, you’re in luck: “hard copies will be 8”x8”, printed in Des Moines (with letter-press printed cover) using paper from Wisconsin.”

If you’re allergic to paper, you can also download a version from the RAYGUN website.

Also, I have to shoutout the Oct. 13 TEDxDesMoines City 2.0 event that Alexander put together. I’m super bummed I can’t be there, but excited to be spending next weekend in Wisconsin with my family. Attendees might get a little RAYGUN-related perk. Shhh.

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“I found this shirt on Pinterest”

RAYGUN launched a couple of new shirts today, and this time the joke’s on Pinterest:

get the shirt, $19

So, I decided to have a little fun and turn the tables on Mike with a “Stuff Mike Draper Likes” board on Pinterest.

I’m having a great time working with Mike on the TEDxDesMoines team, so I couldn’t resist. Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

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