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Nine year Des Moines-iversary

Nine (!!!) years ago, Memorial Day weekend, I moved to Des Moines – site unseen and friendless. It didn’t take me long to become an Iowan By Choice, and I am so happy to be raising a family in this city.

Justin Meyer shot some family photos for us at Greenwood Park on Saturday morning (I was worried about the rain and then remembered Justin is so talented that he could make us look good if we were standing in a Target parking lot) to celebrate Emmett’s upcoming third birthday, Eileen’s babyhood and my 31st, which is around the corner.We let Joe be in them, too.

We rode bikes to the Iowa Cubs game (knothole gang ftw) and through Gray’s Lake and had a al fresco dinner with neighborfriends yesterday, and a lemonade stand and dinner with Joe’s family tonight. (I’m going to try to forget Emmett’s bedtime meltdown tonight, thanks to two fun days without naps.)


My whole blog is basically a love letter to Des Moines, so I’ll spare you my lists of favorite things at the moment. But I will ask those local readers to contribute feedback to the Capital Crossroads 2.0 planning survey (open through June 20).


Emmett insisted on sticking out his tongue for 48% of the shoot. He is, after all, almost 3 and calls us “taco” all the time. As in, “mom/dad, you’re a taco.” Eileen gave one smile the whole time, but I kind of love her signature RBF.


My dress is by Mata Traders (Joe was a great listener when I pointed it out at Backcountry Outfitters and got it for me for Mother’s Day!), which is a really cool fair-trade and sustainable brand I’m in love with at the moment.

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Friday afternoon felt like we were finally teetering on the cusp of spring. The sun was shining, I was wearing peep-toe shoes and I had a box full of fro-yo with which to treat my friends. The day called for a pop-up party!


Des Moines’ East Village is where I go when I want to feel lovely and loved in this city. It was a day to emerge from hibernation, but instead of stressing about inviting people to my disaster-level mess of a house, I brought a box of fro-yo from Orange Leaf to my besties over at Ephemera.


{not sure if you can see it, but the print over Arin’s head says “i’m more fun in the summer” and ain’t it true!}

They took a quick break from designing gorgeous custom wedding invites to celebrate a sunny Friday with me. I used to be a regular in the shop in the early days, and it always feels good to be back, surrounded by so much joy and beauty. We decided to make East Village shoppers days with an impromptu treat that shares Ephemera’s fun D-I-Y spirit.


The party box comes with cups of varying flavors, and additional cups with your favorite toppings that nestle right into the box. Pop them into the lid, sprinkle away and you’re all set. Just grab a couple of packs of dollar-store party hats, napkins and noise makers and you can create a celebration anywhere, instantly! It’s a fresh, more allergy-friendly alternative to celebratory cupcakes.


I have a reputation as a ridiculous bag lady, so if I’d tried to pull off this concept without Orange Leaf, all the ingredients would likely have spilled everywhere. This was so. easy. and fun! (I will say I would love to see some better insulation on/ice in the party boxes, though, because even a few minutes in a hot car could kill the chill.)


{these sweet teachers were super stoked to be on the first day of spring break!}

Missed us in the East Village and w
ant to get in on the party? Comment here with the place in your city (Des Moines or wherever) that you’d host a fro-yo pop-up-party of your own. I’ll randomly pick four people to receive $25 gift cards to Orange Leaf! It could be a favorite park or other place people might enjoy a sweet pick-me-up. I’ll pick the winner on Friday, March 18!

Disclosure: Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt contacted me with the opportunity to try their new Pop-Up Party Box for free, and receive some gift cards for myself and readers. All opinions are my own honest feelings! Thanks, Orange Leaf! 



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Shifting skyline

We bundled up for the pre-dawn trip downtown, armed with coffee and hot chocolate, to catch a peek at the implosion of the Riverfront YMCA. Our family stood with the crowd of gawkers gathered across the riverbank, and my boy’s eyes grew so wide at the fireball and the sight of the building crumbling to the ground. The excitement lasted only a few seconds, but worth waking up for.


I’ve seen quite a bit of evolution in Des Moines’ urban landascape since I moved here in 2007 (most notably to me, the planting of the Pappajohn Sculpture Park), but for some reason this dramatic YMCA moment felt like a watershed we needed to witness. To be part of the before and after of our shifting skyline.


photo series via my friend Libby Crimmings 

If you’re into architecture and urban design, this is a fascinating time to be in the city, and there are plenty of opportunities to be part of the process. Huge projects, like the Waterworks Park “Change is in the Works” and smaller, neighborhood initiatives like the “Redefining Roosevelt” streetscape initiative we got a flyer on this week. The East Village is a colony of cranes these days, and ground just broke on the new Renzo Piano-designed Kum & Go headquarters. (All of this makes our drives home from school totally exciting for Emmett, who is big into construction sites.)


Let’s hear it for Des Moines! I’m curious: What new or upcoming development has you most excited about the future of our city? It could be brick-and-mortar, or programmatic. Leave a response in the comments and you could win one of these super cool Des Moines T-shirts from Hangry Hippos! Stacy recently launched a fun line and I’m excited to spread the word. I’ll pick a winner Monday, Oct. 12. (Hopefully I will have had a baby by then!)

P.S. Joe’s cousin’s wife, Jen, is part of this awesome “Transform Public Spaces” initiative in San Francisco that’s up for a Google Impact Challenge grant. Check out the amazing idea and give them a vote. It’s super easy; you don’t have to register or anything.



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Chaturanga, now

I don’t practice yoga regularly, but whenever I make time to pop into a class, I enjoy it. It takes me awhile to stop feeling self conscious about my limited abilities and wandering mind, but eventually, I feel more in tuned to my body’s movement and more mentally focused.   nzLEVIBTPxvZtBdrImlRLVfVB-McCjOC-nzrTt7LaBiZ=w1263-h946-no

So when my BFF from home, Regina, came to town, we tackled #12 from my 30-before-30 list and did Yoga in the Park at Gray’s Lake together. (I figured it would be a good counter balance to bringing her to the Iowa State Fair later that day for Bauder’s Peppermint Ice Cream Bars!)

Yoga in the Park is free and runs from 9-10 a.m. in a wide grassy area at the southeast corner of Gray’s. It’s a different instructor each time, and the week we attended it was Pauline Tan, from Spark Barre Pilates & Yoga. She has a great Australian accent and reading her bio, it looks like she moved to Iowa from Naperville, IL, which is where Regina lives. Crazy, huh?


I would estimate there were a few hundred people from a wide variety of skill levels there.We biked down with mats in our backpacks, then popped over to the Farmer’s Market for some green smoothies before indulging at the Fair. If you’re looking for a relaxing way to kick off the weekend, I highly recommend it! Drew and Sandi who will be teaching classes in the coming weeks are great.


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Iowan by Choice

Discovered amidst a puddle-wonderful crowd at the grand opening this month: My sliver of yellow brick in the Des Moines Social Club courtyard.

Iowan by choice! — it says.


Part of me can’t believe it’s been seven years since I moved to Des Moines – late Memorial Day weekend, 2007 – and part of me feels like I’ve been here a lifetime. Somewhere along the line, I made a choice: I adopted Iowa.

My favorite nights in our city are when Des Moines feels like a small town with a glowing skyline. When all of the quirky characters, friends and neighbors from different corners mix, electrifying the atmosphere with a buzz of excitement for the moment: glorious summer Saturday mornings at the Farmer’s Market, sundown at the Arts Festival, the rainy finish line at the Relays road race or the opening of a venue designed to bring us all together. Sweep us in, swirl us through what’s possible when passion finds financing.


It was a stormy afternoon and then, as if on cue, a rainbow arched across the cloudy sky as I approached the Social Club on opening night.

Standing at the doorway was my dear friend Danny, bursting with good news. Up by the elevators, a friend from book club talking to another from my babysitting co-op. Two artists I know breezed behind me. Babies in carriers everywhere — and somewhere around, David Byrne!

I like that this is a family town. Later, a red ribbon snaked through the crowd and even my small son got to grab hold of a piece.


Des Moines is my home, it’s where I’m raising my child, but I still remember what it was like to be new and lonely in this place, surrounded by strangers. A true transplant, I’d moved here sight unseen. I can’t pinpoint when, exactly, the roots took hold , but it had a lot to do with the people who invited me in – to coffees and cake nights and adventures.

Development — urban or personal — it’s a long game we’re playing. Visions, plans, progress, dreams, reationships — it’s a slog. For every exhilarating, culminating day are thousands of days of tedium and redrawing plans. For every life-altering friendship, there are disagreements, dance parties, quiet porch conversations.

I commend everyone who is pouring their creativity into our city, making things happen, big and small. Introducing people. Joining forces. Brick by brick, friends.



First and third photo via #dsmcopening on Instgram


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Sun’s out, hotdog gun’s out

Shooting the hotdog gun at an Iowa Cubs game was one of the big ticket items on my “30 before 30” list. I got to cross it off on Friday night with 13 months left to go! I have a LOT to accomplish in the next year, though.

Before hot dog gun shooters go out onto the field, they wait in a shed-type area under the bleachers. If you’re a big dork like me, you have a huge smile on your face and ask one of the staff to take your picture.


I would say I scored a B- in my hot dog shooting. I was supposed to wait until the Cubs staffer riding in the back of the gator tapped my shoulder before shooting, but I saw a group of people I knew standing in an area and… well, I got excited and pushed the button. It was premature. I also had another dud that didn’t get over the fence along the third base line.


The way the gun is positioned, you’re really aiming back over your shoulder. As a spectator I’d never realized that!


My family and Joe’s family both were in town, and my nephew Oscar was able to nab one of the hot dogs. Emmett didn’t make it long enough to see the Friday night fireworks, but he was a trooper.


Watching the sun set over Des Moines from the cheap seats in Principal Park is a favorite pastime.

So, how’d I get to shoot the hot dog gun? It’s a super secret. Kidding. I just asked. They even sent me a certificate in the mail! Then you call and reserve your game.



Or, when the honor hasn’t been pre-reserved, a trick is to go hang out near the splash fountain by the bleachers between the first and second innings and again before the sixth. That’s where I hear they recruit people and you might just be able to walk up and ask.


P.S. Not on my “Before 30” list but something else cool that happened Friday: An piece I wrote for the Des Moines Business Record was published: Guest Opinion: Help foster nonprofit leadership.



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May? More like Month-of-Awesome

May is primed to be an amazing month, if only the sun would get the memo and start shining.

I plan to hit up the Downtown Farmer’s Market and cross a few things off my “Before 30” lis, like SHOOTING THE HOT DOG GUN (!!!) at an Iowa Cubs game. I’m so excited. (Get your tickets: May 16.)

Other fun events on the calendar:


It’s Tulip Time in Pella, starting today! I don’t think we’ll make it this weekend because I’m going to a Kentucky Derby Party I wrote about for the latest issue of DSM Magazine, online here.

I hope the town is still blooming mid-month when my family comes to visit.


Check out all of the Des Moines Bike Month events here. (Yes, the festivities include an urban chicken coop tour!)


The Des Moines Social Club is hosting its grand opening on May 10.


The “I’d Rather Be Short” book signing is coming to B&N in West Des Moines on May 15. My creative muscles need some exercise.


Personally, I’m excited to head to St. Louis this month for a baby shower that will feel like a wedding reunion. Our dear friends had a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic a few years ago around this time, and now they’re having a baby girl!



I pulled together the invites and other friends are pitching in to help host, but the shower will be at the home of a Mizzou friend who is known for her fantastic shindigs. We may even attempt to take Emmett to the City Museum while we’re in town!

I’m sure I’m missing a million things. Happy May Day!

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