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Autumn home updates

Year three in our hippo house and we’re finally making some tweaks. It’s always good to remember a home is a work in progress, but filming a dorky application for the West End Architectural Salvage HGTV show (alas, we didn’t get a call back and no, I’m not linking to the video!) helped me think that we could take some strides to spruce up a few areas ourselves.

Mom picked up this armoire office for us from a Chicagoland IKEA:

The computer was upstairs and felt really isolated, especially since I’ve been on it so much for freelance assignments, my Masters papers and, OK, blogging. I kind of love the drafting stool, which changes heights – a bonus because Joe is a foot taller than I am.

I like that we can close it up to keep the mess at bay, and that the computer is now across from the couch, so we can also use it as a second TV and watch HBO Go shows. I’m thinking of papering the back and adding cork to the inside of the cabinet doors, Pinterest-style.

Then, we got a rug! Gotta love Overstock for affordable, room-covering options.Wilbur sure does!

This one isn’t as high-quality as the wool hooked rug I have in the den, but it brings together a lot of the colors in our house, and it’s 7’10” x 10′, but we won’t have to take out a second mortgage for it. Wilbur enjoys how soft it is, natch. You can always find him hogging a sunny spot. (Protip: always search coupon codes when buying stuff from Overstock. I added a nonslip pad to the order and was able to get it pretty much for free because it bumped my original total up to make me eligible for a 20% discount on my entire order.)

We moved our FLOR tiles to the dining room to replace the dinky IKEA rug that was there.

We’re still rearranging art, too. Debating whether to hang this Craft Breweries of the United States map in the kitchen or the dining room. I got it from Pop Chart Lab , and (despite missing lots of awesome Iowa breweries), the customer service was awesome. When our order arrived, the tube had opened and our posters had been rolling around in the delivery truck and were crunched. I let them know in an e-mail and within days they’d replaced them.

So, that’s what we have going on around our house! Oh, and the sound of lots of falling apples. This year’s crop is especially delicious.

Speaking of homes: My sister and brother in law are selling their lovely, updated Union Park home. It’s super close to the carousel, bike path to downtown and adds elegance to east side pride. If you know anyone looking, it’s a great place. I love their kitchen.

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“I do” + art, part II

I’ll admit: That title is a bit of a tease, because I only have a photo of one other piece to show you today! I took a bunch more as promised, but they haven’t made the jump from camera to computer yet. It’s been a flurry of activity around these parts.

This piece is mega-meaningful, because Joe’s sister Molly made it for us as a wedding gift. Molly is a preschool teacher who has a serious crafty streak. It might be hard to tell from the photo, but this is a collage made of tiny pieces of paper she cut and glued in the shape of our house, down to the weather vane! The shingles are separate pieces, and the window cutouts are intricate. We have this hanging next to our front door in the entry; it’s one of my most favorite gifts I’ve ever received. And, if you haven’t seen a picture of my house yet, this snowy one should prove that the tiny paper replica is pretty darn accurate!

Molly even put the photo* that Joe and I used in ourĀ  newspaper-themed wedding invitations in the doorway. *Taken by our friend Bethany.

So, not quite the house tour I promised yet, but both of these fit the wedding theme!

P.S. When my bestie Amanda got married this summer, we sent her and her husband this and this poster as a gift, because they live in and own several awesome rental properties in the Tower Grove neighborhood of St. Louis. Noah MacMillan did both of them, and he was excellent to work with!

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