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Chaturanga, now

I don’t practice yoga regularly, but whenever I make time to pop into a class, I enjoy it. It takes me awhile to stop feeling self conscious about my limited abilities and wandering mind, but eventually, I feel more in tuned to my body’s movement and more mentally focused.   nzLEVIBTPxvZtBdrImlRLVfVB-McCjOC-nzrTt7LaBiZ=w1263-h946-no

So when my BFF from home, Regina, came to town, we tackled #12 from my 30-before-30 list and did Yoga in the Park at Gray’s Lake together. (I figured it would be a good counter balance to bringing her to the Iowa State Fair later that day for Bauder’s Peppermint Ice Cream Bars!)

Yoga in the Park is free and runs from 9-10 a.m. in a wide grassy area at the southeast corner of Gray’s. It’s a different instructor each time, and the week we attended it was Pauline Tan, from Spark Barre Pilates & Yoga. She has a great Australian accent and reading her bio, it looks like she moved to Iowa from Naperville, IL, which is where Regina lives. Crazy, huh?


I would estimate there were a few hundred people from a wide variety of skill levels there.We biked down with mats in our backpacks, then popped over to the Farmer’s Market for some green smoothies before indulging at the Fair. If you’re looking for a relaxing way to kick off the weekend, I highly recommend it! Drew and Sandi who will be teaching classes in the coming weeks are great.


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How fast days move

In Des Moines, we feel fall in the air. Cowboy boots and sweater season for this girl. I feel like Hill Vintage might have my old outfit in my size again…

But first, a few last breaths of summer captured:

Perfect paddling weather for Gray’s Lake, almost three years to the day since we got engaged there.

Movie night at Valle Drive-In. We went on Labor Day, which I think should become a new tradition for us. We were on our way home from Iowa City and still had all of our sleeping bags and pillows in the back of the VW from being down at the farm the night before, so we just unfurled everything and got cozy.

This crisp air makes me want to go camping, to wear a puffy vest and wool socks over pajamas and ramble over rocks and trails. Last fall we had a few camping weekends – in Eastern Iowa on the way to a wedding in Dubuque, Lacey-Keosauqua State Park in southeastern Iowa, and then a long hike on an unseasonably warm winters day out by Clanton Creek in Madison County. We’re waiting for a new niece or nephew to arrive this weekend or Monday, so we’re going to stick close to town, but I’m looking forward to making a fire in the fire pit and go apple picking in our own back yard.

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