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New in Des Moines: Stitch

Let’s talk about happy places. Those almost sacred spots where, as soon as you cross the threshold, whatever weight you felt in your shoulders slides off, you breathe a little deeper and a smile creeps across your face. I found a new one today, Des Moines. And if you’re the kind of person who covets pretty fabric and a charming notion, you’re going to love it, too.


I was beyond tickled to take a late lunch field trip to the East Village to celebrate Stitch on its opening day. The new fabric/textiles shop is the creation of my friend, Tami Stroh (right) – she’s the generous soul who recovered our nursery glider! – and her business partner, Jessica.


I met Tami through Ephemera, my original Des Moines Happy Place, and have enjoyed connecting with her for coffee one-on-one. She has a daughter a few years younger than me who loves books and manatees, so clearly she knows how to raise ’em.


Anyhow, I immediately wanted to take all of the amazing bolts of fabric down and wrap them around myself like lovely togas and lip sync “My Favorite Things.”

Stitch will be a fantastic addition to the East Village, with Hill Vintage & Knits down the street, too. It’s a little bit like having our own Purl Soho, and that is not a comparison I would make lightly. I actually bought some Knit Collage brand yarn when I was in New York last summer, and it turns out Stitch is having a trunk show of their products at the next First Friday!


The shop also features workspace for sewers, with machines that you can rent to use for $6/hour.


Of course, I purchased a few fat quarter bundles.


And on my way back to the car, I just had to poke my head in at Ephemera, where they just got in amazing candles that smell like fall, but in a way more posh scent than your run-of-the-mill pumpkin spice. Like fall would smell if it actually looked like a spread in Martha Steward Living.

53bac834165e11e38d2722000a1f8fa0_7Have you heard about their 150 envelopes campaign?

1236429_10151802433648756_1961522902_n-1Hooray for all of the happy places in Des Moines’ East Village!


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First Friday in the East Village

Joe and I hung out last night (OK, yesterday evening) in the East Village for the first time in a looong time. We went down for the DSM Magazine unveiling at Salon Spa W, because I have the “Second Cities” story in this issue. Talking with the sources in that story totally made me want to pack my bags for another trip. Theoretically, we could try Arnold’s Park in Okoboji this summer – or is that wishful thinking with a newborn?


I should have gotten a photo of us because we managed to pull ourselves together nicely, but it was a packed house! We didn’t feel like wasting our put-togetherness on a “date” to get groceries at IngerDahl’s, so we went on an actual date to Zombie Burger instead.

Not this Friday, but NEXT Friday, May 3, I plan on hitting up the East Village again for a craft-themed First Friday, when lots of the boutiques stay open late and serve treats and host artists, etc. That Friday is like the shining beacon of light at the end of the tunnel of finishing up my capstone. It would be a fun date night, too! Marissa from The Moon and the Honey put together this lovely little video of some of the spots that will be hosting crafters next week. It definitely makes Des Moines’ East Village look the way it makes me feel, so I’m happy to share her video with those of you who haven’t had the chance to experience that area firsthand.

I’m not sure if Ephemera is participating (ladies?!) this time, but they did just get a shoutout on the DSM website.

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Don’t spend it all at once?

What’s your gift card spending strategy? Are you all about stretching it out and buying a bunch on megasale, or do you see gift cards as a way to go for that splurge you’d never get otherwise?

I used to be the former, but I think I’m turning into the latter — especially when it comes to shopping locally. I’m a huge fan of Des Moines Downtown Gift cards as a way to encourage people to explore all of the unique shops and restaurants in the city and have been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of a few of them, too.

Well, I had been plotting all of the ways I was going to use the sweet Salon Spa W gift card that I “earned” helping them with their Holiday Promenade open house. (If you recall, this was the amazing deal where they made me look like a moviestar so I could delight people with chocolate and champagne for a few hours.) First purchase: the Aveda eye definer. I am in awe of women who have perfect eyebrows. That’s probably super weird, but whenever I get them filled in, it instantly makes me look more put-together. Suddenly I feel like I might be able to look like a lady.

Anyhow, when I stopped in for the eye pencil, makeup guru Gina gave me a coupon for $20 off a facial and suggested I check out the 90 minute options because they incorporate quite a bit of massage. I’m honestly not trying to get all Salon Spa W infomercially, but as I sit in the Village Bean waiting for Ephemera to open up, the tingly sensation on my feet mixed with this Earl Gray lavender tea is taking me to a happy place where I forget that I had to wake up early on a weekend.

I don’t wear makeup alot or often and I’m not a girl who had an arsenal of schmancy beauty products, but there is definitely something to be said for taking some time out to give yourself a little TLC.

If you aren’t able to swing a salon facial (this is my typical route): bath + nice smelling candle + Norah Jones Pandora station + one of those Walgreens minty green masques (when you spell it with a qu it’s fancy). Oh and I totally have on of those wire head massage things that, especially when employed by a love one while you’re sipping a cheap Malbec, can melt away a bad day.

Okay, end of the gift card and the end of my Oprah moment.

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