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New job news

I hinted that I was wrapping up with “I Have a Dream” and moving on to a new step in my career, but wanted to make sure I had my official welcome letter in hand before I made an announcement. (Also, I messed up the first iron-transfer onesie attempt for sharing the news.)

I’m off to med school! Well, kind of… It’s not as a student.


I’m joining Des Moines University as Community Relations Manager at the end of March! My role will involve spearheading DMU sponsored events,  community service initiatives, the DMU Mobile Clinic, some social media engagement (give them a like!) and I’m sure a lot of other duties I have yet to discover.

A few fun facts about DMU:

  • DMU is the largest medical school in Iowa with approximately 841 students in the osteopathic college and 1,800 total enrollment with three colleges offering nine graduate degrees.
  • Founded in 1898, DMU is the second oldest osteopathic school in the country.
  • DMU is one of the top 20 largest medical schools (for D.O.s or M.D.s) in the nation, out of 155 schools.
  • The very first medical class in 1898 included both sexes and today 54% of the student body are women.
  • 66% of students are recruited from outside Iowa.

I’m looking forward to the challenge, but I will miss spending Fridays with this face:


Thankfully, Joe is switching his schedule so he’ll take over the home front on that day. And his sister sold their house! We’re hoping they’ll be moving to our side of town very soon. Anyone know of great 4-bedroom homes in the North of Grand/Waveland area that haven’t hit the market yet? We’re daydreaming about dropping Emmett off by bike and then riding to work together. I’d say that so many things are going right at the moment, the next thing I need to focus on is health and fitness. I think working in a wellness-centered environment like DMU will definitely help!


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