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My 30 before 30 list: 6-10

Everyone needs a bucket list. I need deadlines! 22 months until 30.

Goals 1-5 posted here.

6. Read the Anne of Green Gables books. Huge confession: Although Anne Shirley has been a personal heroine of mine since I was little, I’ve never read the original books by L.M. Montgomery – just seen the PBS movies starring Megan Follows. I know, I am a fraud. Maybe after I finish them I can plan a celebratory trip to Prince Edward Island?

7. Visit the Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah. This is a spot on my Iowa Bucket List. Can you see why?

photo via the Seed Savers Facebook Page

photo via the Seed Savers Facebook Page

Forbes also recently ranked Decorah one of the prettiest towns in the country.

8. Take Emmett on a Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad ride. I think he’d appreciate the “pumpkin express” next fall. I have so much fun taking him to experience “firsts,” but he pretty much sleeps through all of the excitement at this point.

9. Shoot the hot dog gun at an Iowa Cubs game. My friend Erin did this for her birthday this year. Majorly jealous!

10. Take a dance class with Joe. We tried to waltz at my cousin’s wedding earlier this month, and it was kind of a disaster. At my K-8 Catholic school, we were all required to take dance lessons in Jr. High. It was a sweaty palmed nightmare at the time, but it meant my brother and I know the same swing routine, which we busted out at my wedding. Joe and I drove past this place the other day, and it got me thinking.



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