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Now in print

I have a fun piece in the latest issue of DSM Magazine on the signature wall Maddy and David Maxwell created in their home! (Starts on Page 128 here.)


Maddy is so much fun to interview. I was able to see the wall in person, and then because the Maxwells spend a good part of summer in Maine, the followup  interview had to happen while they were driving the back roads on the East Coast, with their dogs in the car. I was on speakerphone, and we just happened to be traveling back from Chicago, so I was feverishly taking notes at a rest stop. It was a pretty challenging scenario, but I loved hearing David and Maddy tell stories together. They were very When Harry Met Sally in their back-and-forth style.


Not MY work, but a friend-of-a-friend had a piece in Parade and because our babies were born around the same time/we follow each other on Instagram, I’ve been following Violet’s health journey from the beginning. Whenever I would get stressed about Emmett’s eczema, I would think about all Virginia was going through and it helped put my self pity in perspective.


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Reading right now

What’s on your 2014 reading list? I’m currently laughing out loud at Caitlin Moran’s How to Be a Woman. One of the front blurbs calls it “The British version of Tina Fey’s Bossypants,” which I can kind of see because it would probably sell a lot more copies than “sidesplitting feminist manifesto.” The book is also incredibly smart, I think, in its treatment of sexism and body image, etc.


It’s full of British cultural references and foul language, and I keep chuckling to myself as I read it, which is making it an annoying bedtime book for Joe. He is wading through Herman Wouk’s War & Remembrance which I bought for him at a garage sale because we both loved The Caine Mutiny. His book is like a bazillion pages and not hilarious. Sorry, love.

After this, I should really get started on Life After Life by Kate Atkinson, which is my lady book club next pick.

Shorter interesting things:

There’s the New Yorker  profile of Pope Francis, which is currently available in full online. The profile paints Pope Francis as someone who’s evolved over time. I went to Catholic school for 13 years (which I like to joke is the right amount of time to cure someone of Catholicism), and there are a lot of redeeming qualities about Francis’ message and attitudes toward the papacy. Plus, the cover image made me smile in a major way when I pulled it out of the mailbox:


I read this NPR story about a movement to build subdivisions around farms instead of golf courses. In love with this!

Did you know there’s a posthumous Maurice Sendak book?

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