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30-before-30: Goals 21-30

The final installment of my “30 before 30” list:

21. Tour the Iowa Capitol. Does anyone know if the tours go up into the dome?

22. Visit a psychic. I don’t really believe in psychic powers like I don’t really believe in horoscopes, but I think it would be entertaining/fun-in-a-scary-way for someone to look into my future. My friend Liz recently did this, and so did my friends Danny and Katy, so I actually have referrals.

23. Order from the swim-up bar at Adventureland. I did order from a swim-up bar at the resort we stayed in in the Dominican Republic (it was called the manatee bar!), but I’ve never been to the waterpark part of Adventureland, and this 100-degree weather has me daydreaming.

24. Organize my basement craft corner. You guys. My craft storage area looks like a horror scene from an episode of Hoarders. Joe brightened it by putting up yellow pegboard for my birthday a couple of years ago, but it’s like some giant craft monster went into the basement and vomited fabric and buttons and paper and other various notions. I just know that someday a rich old lady with bequeath me her amazing Victorian home with its many rooms, and in one I will create a heavenly, self-cleaning space in which I can craft. (Like this?)

25. Go on a house tour in Des Moines. I geek out looking at homes, and sometimes go to real estate open houses for fun, even though we’re not in the market. I know Drake, Sherman Hill and Riverbend neighborhoods have annual home tours. (Our home was on the Drake neighborhood tour before our time!)

26. Take a Chicago Architectural Boat Tour. I can’t believe I haven’t ever done this. It’s a Chicago sightseer staple. I’m sure I’d enjoy it even more if I brought along Garrett’s Chicago Mix to munch during the ride.

Photo via architecture.org

Photo via architecture.org

27. Hit balls at a driving range. I’ve only ever mini golfed, and I don’t do that very well, but I think it would be fun to try. Maybe it’s the fact that I spent the day staffing our charity hole at a golf outing today.

28. Learn to drive stick. I mention sometimes how I bought a VW, and it’s stick shift, so Joe’s the only one to drive it. I’ve heard that the State Fairgrounds are one of the best places in Des Moines to do driving lessons. There are some hills, but not the through traffic you’d get other places.

29. Learn a recipe for something complicated by heart. Even as I improve in the kitchen, I lean heavily on my cookbooks. It would be nice to have a go-to dinner beyond tacos or meatballs that I could whip up without looking at the step-by-step directions.

30. Ride at least one day of RAGBRAI, the Register’s Great Bike Ride Across Iowa. This past July would have been my ideal route, but it wasn’t feasible with no training and a two-week old. (Joe went for a few days though, and of course I have a half-finished blog post about that from earlier this month.)

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