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My writing elsewhere: DSM Magazine May/June 16

Joe and I sat next to Katie and Jay Byers at the David Wax Museum concert in January, and some friendly conversation during a break turned into an invitation to their Valentine’s Day house concert. Of course, I had to turn it into work when I thought about what a neat story it would make for DSM Magazine. The story, “Bringing Down the House” is out in the May/June issue, which was released today.


I love being a regular contributor to such a gorgeous publication, and this issue’s launch party at Hotel Renovo also featured a Mac & Cheese bar – a fun idea!

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Music for a woodland clearing

My chic friend Julia hosted our last book club on the totally hygge* landing of her gorgeous A-frame home, complete with a wood stove. While we were sipping spiked ciders, all of the ladies commented on what a great mellow mix she had going on in the background.

Oh, that’s “Music for a Woodland Clearing,” she said, and then told us about Songza, a streaming service that helps you pick a playlist based on your mood/time of day/activity. I’m hooked.

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 7.01.47 PM


If you can’t read that small print, the other similar playlists include A Stiff Drink in a Dim Place, Sadcore Hibernation, etc. There are happy ones, too, obviously. “You Betta Work: ’90s Runway.” Fun.

*I just learned this terrific Danish word that expresses a kind of coziness that’s hard to fully capture in English.

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Midwest family adventure: Columbia, MO

A few weeks ago I had this daydream: A fall weekend in Columbia, MO – the crunchy college town that still possesses a piece of my heart.


image via painted post

We’d load up the bikes and hit the trail right away to do the 30-mile round trip to the blufftop winery overlooking the Missouri River. Then we’d get up the next morning and explore the Mizzou campus before heading to the Roots N Blues N BBQ music festival. Then we’d drive another two hours to meet one of my very best friend’s babies and hang until dinner time. Back in DSM late Sunday night. Crazy? Maybe. I started to think of it as a kind of parenting triathlon – a test of endurance.

Thankfully, the forecast for the weekend was gorgeous. But as anyone who’s spent more than 20 minutes with a toddler knows, their emotions are harder to predict than the weather in the Midwest. One minute, E can be happily flipping through a book and then you offer him a banana and the kid flips out.

Ultimately, the weekend turned out to be a lot of fun (despite a few scattered meltdowns), and I’m glad we pushed ourselves to make a little mini adventure happen. Here’s how it went down.


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CoMo a go-go

Now that our #freedomweekend in D.C. is a memory, I needed another mini trip to circle on my calendar and excitedly type in as my e-mail password. (Because, duh, passwords should be fun things you’re looking forward to!) Nothing major, just a little family-friendly getaway.

And then I saw that two of my favorite bands will be playing in Columbia, Missouri as part of their Roots N Blues N BBQ festival this fall. Needless to say – tickets purchased and Airbnb lodging secured! David Wax Museum and The Avett Brothers will both play Saturday shows.

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 9.28.42 PM

We made a lunchtime pitstop in Columbia for a few minutes on our way back from Saint Louis over Memorial Day. But it was only enough time to encourage Emmett to kiss the columns and for me to stroll a few blocks of downtown and lament that landmarks from my college days have met such a yuppie demise. I’m looking forward to getting the full (minus a football game) experience in September.

I hope the weather is golden and autumnal and that we are able to ride bikes from the city out to the sweet town of Rocheport and enjoy a picnic at the Les Bourgeois winery A-frame, overlooking the river. Then I hope our little man gets into the festival spirit and dances his diaper off shakes that little tush to the tunes past his bedtime.

It will also be perfect timing to check in on this lady and her arriving-any-day baby girl. How funny is Amanda’s cabbage patch crew of shower attendees?


Let the Columbia countdown begin!

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Joe’s big 3-0

Joe turned 30 on Oct. 2, and I wanted to make the day extra special for the huz/babydady old man.


I made Joe’s favorite pineapple upside down carrot cake and had to laugh at how pathetic the candle situation looked after he blew them out and we started dishing up.

In mid-September, I was feeling a little bit stressed and overwhelmed and knew I couldn’t pull off a big party with all our friends, so I came up with a concept that would be fun and different and manageable: a little bicycle scavenger hunt/bar crawl for Joe and a few buddies that would culminate in his present reveal.

I decided to invest in a nice Weber grill as Joe’s birthday gift (thank you, freelance checks!) since the grill we’ve been using was purchased second hand 4+ years ago and is on its last, wobbly legs. Home Depot assembled it for free and I managed to fit it into the Subaru and hide it in our neighbors’ garage for a few days. To throw him off the trail, I told Joe not to look in our garage fridge because his present was in there. (Psych! Totally worked.)

The morning of his birthday, I let him in on the plan.


Earlier in the afternoon, I’d left rhyming clues at two neighborhood bars (The Alpine Tap Room and The Library). The idea was that the guys would cycle out in search of the clues and enjoy a few beers while the wives/ladyfriends chopped veggies and meat for kabobs. Then they’d come back to grill out. The answer to the two riddles were “meat” and “heat” — get it? Because his present was a grill?

I included a few packages of beef jerky and money for the pinball machine at the Alpine and a clicker lighter thing at The Library. Joe loved it, and said that the people at both bars were really excited to see the group, because everyone wanted to see them get their clues. I’m super glad I kept it to just two bars, because the men didn’t seem to get my subtle rhyming hints to only have one drink at each stop. There may have been a few hangry – OK time to come back for dinner! texts exchanged.

Speaking of two-wheeled fun, the weekend before Joe’s b-day, we went on our first family bike ride with Emmett. He’s in his carseat inside the trailer. With a monkey.


Mostly unrelated, but our friend Danny just released his first music video with the project MAIDS…

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Do your Friday dance

Holy seacow, you guys. This week raced by, didn’t it? Do a little Friday dance. Bonus points if you’re adorable and surrounded by stuffed manatees.


Yes, I had a little manatee photoshoot with Emmett last week. I’m a weirdo.


Anyhow, here are few things this weirdo has been into this week:

Clicking: I’ve bookmarked another go-to blog for interesting tidbits and inspiration: sho & tell. She curates some pretty cool things in her posts, and I love following writers who share short works. She posted about this Chandelier Tree in L.A. the other day. What a spellbinding concept. It would be a cool public art installation to try in Des Moines, on a big, gnarly Oak.

Reading: I started “Tell the Wolves I’m Home. My friend Mara recommended it, and it made Oprah’s Book Club. The chapters are really short so far, which makes it easy for me to pick up and put down. I only have short stretches of reading time nowadays, so that’s helpful.


Watching: Joe and I started streaming the Netflix series Orange is the New Black this week. We watched the Weeds series together and this is created by the same woman.


Listening: My friend Danny (the singer from Seedlings) veers from folk-rock into electronica in his new project, MAIDS. He let me listen to one of the songs from their upcoming EP in the car the other night, before our writing group. He’s crazy talented. They’re hosting a release show on August 2 at Vaudeville Mews.

And at the end of August, they’ll be playing in a mini music fest, Shoot the Chutes, that my friend Andy is helping put together:



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Currently digging

I’m not going to lie, we haven’t left the house much the past 10 days, except for doctor’s appointments. I knew theoretically that breastfeeding was going to be time consuming, but I really didn’t quite understand how all encompassing it is at first. My “What to Expect in the First Year” book was even like, Yeah, nobody told you it would be like this, or if they did, you wouldn’t believe them. Sucka. 


While bumming around the house, I’ve been listening to some new-to-me music: Father John Misty. It’s kind of a psychedelic alt-folk from the guy from Fleet Foxes. So good. I’m just looping his playlist on Youtube. Anything else you’d suggest?

Ridiculously late to the game here (like, 15 years late): I was more of the Gilmore Girls generation, but I just started watching Felicity on Netflix. (You can stream 80+ episodes!) I think this will get me through some bleary-eyed pumping sessions. I don’t know if there was any debate back in the day, but I am definitely on Team Noel.

On Saturday, we were determined to get down to the Farmer’s Market for some sunshine and, of course, a papusa. Emmett obliged like a champ. I almost cried listening to a violinist play Hallelujah“on the corner. Of course.


We picked up kale from Table Top Farms, green onion sausage from Crooked Gap, red pepper chevre from Reichert’s Dairy Air and some summer squash and Joe used them all to top a pesto-sauce pizza for dinner. It wasn’t a very photogenic pizza, but it was delicious.

On the positive side, I’m enjoying being able to touch my toes once again, and when I stepped on the scale yesterday, I already weighed in at 30 pounds less than I did at my last prenatal doctor’s visit! I have a feeling the last 20 will be a lot more difficult to lose, though. Yeah, do the math, I gained 50 pounds! I am going to argue that a good portion of that was water, but it’s a good thing my 10 year high school reunion isn’t until fall.

(Fellow new moms: this essay in The Atlantic, “What Nobody Remembers About New Motherhood” is a good one.)


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