About Brianne

Brianne Sanchez is a writer and nonprofit professional based in Des Moines, Iowa.


I live in a little green house with my husband, Joe, children Emmett & Eileen, and our fox-dog, Wilbur.

This is a space for me to share what I’m thinking, making, reading or any of the little things that bring me joy.


Brianne also does magazine, newspaper and freelance copywriting work. Connect on LinkedIn for professional inquiries. You can also follow Brianne on twitter.

3 responses to “About Brianne

  1. Deborah Donovan

    Hey Brianne. Thanks for the follow on Twitter. Great to hear from you again. Gerry mentioned your name just yesterday at the Daily Herald. My niece, Jackie Stolz met you at a friend’s in Des Moines once, but she lives in Iowa City. My nephew, Austin Kennedy, saw you at bars and/or events. You might know his wife, Abbie Longstreet Kennedy.

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