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Calling 15 strong women

The first time I volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, it was in Columbia, MO as a broke college student who got a speeding ticket and went to court to ask for community service instead of having to pay the fine. … Continue reading

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Hammer time

I’m typing this tonight because I probably won’t be able to lift my arms tomorrow, after today’s experience volunteering alongside a few co-workers at Habitat for Humanity. I hammered, caulked, measured, drilled and even got to use a router to cut … Continue reading

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I always have the best intentions about journaling, but ever since I was a little girl, I’d rarely make it past January with my entries. My mom got me a five-year journal for Christmas (they have a regular non-mom version, … Continue reading

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Aww, honey(comb)

I’ve been jonesing to incorporate the honeycomb trend into our home decor, and went ga-ga over these shelves from “A Beautiful Mess” a few weeks ago. Joe channeled all of his last-week-before-baby nervous energy into making them for me for … Continue reading


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Feeling French

I’ve been focusing on the nursery addition, but the rest of our attic master got some attention with the remodel, too. The most significant update is a new wall and French doors that separate the master bedroom from this landing … Continue reading

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Beauty & the Beast

Forget the groundhog; our magnolia tree is the official harbinger of spring at our house. I just want to set up a lawn chair in the front yard and stare at it in between sips of lemonade. The blossoms are … Continue reading


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Thanks, Craig: Nursery furniture!

While our upstairs remains draped in plastic tarps (the drywall stage of our remodel is coming to a close), downstairs is beginning to resemble a stall at the Brass Armadillo. Tail down = Wilbur is not pleased. But he’s been … Continue reading


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It’s electric!

The biggest component of the remodel that we decided to take on ourselves (and by “we”/”our” here, I mean Joe and his dad), was the electrical work. Joe’s dad was once an industrial electrician and is a super handy guy. … Continue reading


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Meanwhile, back at the homestead

Yesterday was hole-in-the-roof day! From the curb, you can’t really see much. It’s like a mullet remodel. Still pretty business in the front. But the party was getting started in the back when Joe and I popped home over lunch … Continue reading


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Scrumptious skillet cake

Joe is a designer for Cuisine at Home magazine, and in his two or so years on the job, he’s turned into a bit of a chef. We eat more adventurously at our house. Mostly, he cooks. Sometimes when Joe brings … Continue reading


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