Terrarium time & other things I’m into

I left my house just twice this past weekend (once to work out and once to buy Girl Scout cookies/pick up library books because #balance) and am gearing up for a full spring ahead.

Last week, at the height of when-will-winter-end despair, I briefly escaped the Iowa tundra with two trips to the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden. The first trip was to remind the kiddos what humidity feels like, and then mid-week I took a class (there was even wine involved!) on how to make terrariums and brought home this cutie:

It now also has one of Emmett’s special rocks and a bright orange plastic frog in it because the kids insisted on some extras after I got her home. I’ve crossed my fingers I can keep this little ecosystem happy.

We got a household membership to the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden through a hummingbird promotion, and if you’re considering it you can get $10 off using the code HUMMINGBIRD (through 12/31). I love having memberships to some of our favorite Des Moines attractions because, in addition to discounts on classes, the shop and restaurant:

a) it’s easy to say yes to a bunch of quick visits vs feeling like you have to commit a whole day to a trip there. We pack a little snack and board game and spend an hour hanging out on the mezzanine.


b) They come with reciprocal benefits to like attractions in many other cities and the Des Moines memberships are so much more affordable! We can use the Botanical Garden membership at the Morton Arboretum outside Chicago which is amazing. And our local Arboretums in Iowa, etc.

My next visit will probably be with a book because I picked up a nice little stack this weekend. Ok, I’ll admit I already devoured “Where the Crawdads Sing” over the past two days. It wasn’t as lyrical as the last book I read and the folksy southern dialect was a little irritating at times, but it’s a page-turner.


I’m also ridiculously excited to catch a mini spring break in the sunshine with my high school besties. A “we should do a girls trip this year” text chain escalated quickly a couple of weeks ago while I was in the midst of a facilitation training and I was suddenly scrambling for a flight to Florida.

We don’t leave for two weeks but my bag is already literally packed. Let me know if you have any Delray Beach recommendations!

Until my flight, I’m going to just curl up with a book and my terrarium to remember what a gloriously green world looks like!

Oh, and p.s. totally not related to anything else, except wanted to say that Russian Doll on Netflix is the first show I’ve binge-watched in forever. The first few episodes, especially, felt much more film-like than show-like to me. And now I’m super interested in reading the Emily of New Moon books by the L.M. Montgomery of Anne of Green Gables Fame, because it keeps getting referenced in an otherwise very M.A. themed series.

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