What I’m into: January 2019

2019 has me feeling like I’ve got my groove back, or some cheesy notion like that. I have a lot more energy for the things I love and am realigning my priorities. Here are some things I’ve been loving this month:

Reading: The Library Book, by Susan Orlean 

I am such a Susan Orlean fan-girl. No joke, I once e-mailed asking to be her personal assistant because I pretty much wanted to BE Susan Orlean as a college magazine journalism major. Which means I’m probably on some no-contact list for her upcoming visit to Des Moines as part of this year’s Des Moines Public Library AViD series/DSM Book Festival. Screaming into a pillow excited about this. Her latest book is about the Los Angeles library fire, but also about the fascinating people who made the library what it is today and kind of an homage to libraries in general. Ironically, I am reading it on my Kindle app. #fail

Sweating: Burn Bootcamp and Cyclebar and YWA #Dedicate

I wouldn’t say I’m into working out. But I’m into how I feel AFTER a workout is over. In an attempt to set a goal and keep myself accountable, I signed up to run the DAM to DSM 20K on June 1. (Use the code HUMMINGBIRD for $5 off your entry before Feb. 1) Then, I had the opportunity to try out Burn Boot Camp with the Des Moines Moms Blog, and have been going to 5:30 a.m. boot camps M-W for the past two weeks. It’s completely outside my comfort zone and I try to pair up with the middle aged ladies because they’re more my speed (some of them even kick my butt). It’s circuit workouts, with lots of weights and things I’d never try on my own. It’s a franchise, and it’s fun to know my friend Christa is doing the same workouts in Saint Louis! She’s hilarious:

I also got to try out Cyclebar Jordan Creek and did my first ever spin class last week!

It was super intense and I don’t think I adjusted the bike very well, so I want to go back and try it again. It was a fun Friday night alternate “bar” activity, although at the 30-ish minute mark when the instructor had us also pull out a weight and do arm exercises while pedaling I wondered what fresh hell I’d gotten myself into.

Lastly, I still have so much love for the free Yoga with Adriene 30-day journey, and am doing those short sessions as a kind of wind-down to my day. The majority have been super gentle and affirming and lovely.

Eating: JOJO’s Chocolate Bark 

I came home from our second annual Des Moines Moms Blog favorite things party with a bag of JOJO’s from Kara Swanson (who is legit obsessed!) and I totally get why she loves it. Anyone else need a daily smidgen of chocolate?

Unpacking: At my new job at the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines. I’m just a couple of weeks in, but really happy that I followed my heart and went for a position that is way better aligned for me. It’s so invigorating to be working closely with local nonprofit leaders, making connections, planning trainings, etc. I’ve been a big fan of their work for awhile and feel lucky to have landed in an opportunity to work on the team. I put up this plaque I inherited from my grandpa’s house to remind me to keep my priorities in focus:

Other things I published lately: 

A DSM story on the fabulous Julia Franklin’s latest work 

A Des Moines Moms Blog post about hosting a clothing swap 

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