Eastern Iowa Adventure

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately, trying to balance out my new job, the desire to be a good mom and wife and friend, and a freelance project that I am excited about but that was going to take up more “free” time* than I actually have.

So, it turns out that Joe took the kids to his niece’s graduation party and I got to make a solo day trip to eastern Iowa this weekend to see how people are re-imagining their communities through art.


Natural Hive handmade, paper Dawn Wohlford

Is it weird to admit that the cure for this loneliness I’ve been feeling was probably just spending some quality time alone? I don’t typically enjoy driving, but there was something about having a day to hit the highway and listen to old mix CDs and think. It’s like ‘Oh, hello — I suppose I just needed to reconnect with this version of myself to feel whole and capable of being these other versions.’ Do you ever get like that?

It was such an Iowa experience, to call up an 87-year old retired pharmacist and former state representative and have him open up the community art gallery for me. Bob reminded me so much of my grandpa, I almost cried. Then to drink a frozen peach Bellini in the cellar of an old cigar shop (lunch of champions) and walk down the block and meet a world-renowned portrait artist who just so happened to be refinishing the floor in the historic 1901 old city hall that now serves as her gallery. Maquoketa, I need to look at the Codfish Hollow summer concerts and plan a trip back to you. (And apparently plan on eating at Bluff Lake Catfish Farm.)


I went back through Marion and met Nikki Kettlekamp who opened a new shop there that reminded me so much of eden. It turns out Nikki and Jen were good friends and we got a little teary eyed together talking about her because This is Iowa.

I’m so impressed by entrepreneurs, makers, community builders. People who see potential in an idea, a broken-down building and the value in working to bring people together.

The whole story will be out this fall in “ia” magazine, but there’s no place in it to really talk about why I still love meeting people through writing. I’m pretty sure I spent more money during the reporting of the story than I will make on this little side hustle.


*I was just sad that I didn’t bring Ursula K. Le Guin’s “No Time to Spare” collection of essays, which I am really loving right now. OK, I was also sad that I didn’t have time to stop for a slice at Zoey’s Pizzeria in Marion. I really wanted to read that book and eat that pizza and drink a beer. But it I also wanted to get home before dark.

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