Kitchen refresh – Part 1

Something about being cooped up indoors all winter makes my painting elbow itch. Last year, we refreshed our downstairs bathroom and this December I painted giant swatches on our kitchen walls to keep me accountable.


I thought we would get everything done while I was home over the holiday, but in reality I think I slept in my bed like 3 of the 12 nights I was off work and that didn’t happen. Instead, we lived with swatches for a month and finally tackled it over MLK weekend while the kids were at home, before hosting a little political house party.

We chose Behr Fresh Olive for the walls because I wanted a more toned down green than the Shamrock Surprise (just imagining that’s what it was called!) that has been on the walls since we’ve moved in. My friend Katy has such a cool, relaxed and earthy style so I basically copied her.

Can I just say that climbing on counter tops is one of my favorite things? Hoisting myself up on top of the fridge to get to hard-to-reach spots was a weird thrill that made me feel like I was eight years old and breaking all of the rules.

Our goal is to swap out our Very Green laminate countertops this year for a white/gray quartz, but we haven’t raided the piggy bank for that yet. I was hoping the walls would cool my intense desire to rip the kitchen out, but now I just want counters more.

We added some new art, too! The folks at the Swedish brand Photowall approached me about a blog feature and I was drooling over their made-to-fit wall murals but that wouldn’t work on our mostly textured plaster walls. So we thought a custom canvas would be a cool option for a big blank space over the basement stairs.


You can choose from stock images or upload your own art, and I definitely was into personalizing. We did a big (about 4′ x 2.5′) wrapped canvas of an image Joe took when we were on our babymoon in Decorah, Iowa. We got up and watched the sun rise over the prairie at Heritage Valley, where INHF is preserving land and it was magical.Now we get to look at it every time we’re cooking!

The Photowall canvas ships super fast via DHL (like, we ordered it Sunday night and got it that Thursday afternoon), but there’s some assembly required. Joe and Eileen teamed up to put it together and he said it was even easier than IKEA furniture.


Good news, dear readers! YOU can get 20% off your order using the code BSITMWCampaign2018 at checkout through Feb, 2018. Go forth and re-decorate.

Phase 2? We mostly enter the house through the back door, so we’re thinking about trying to DIY a beadboard drop zone with some hooks over where we keep our trash and recycling. We’ll see if we get to that and the counters done when summer hits (plus swap out our hardware for something darker), so we can grill out while our kitchen is crazy and be ready for life with a Kindergartener this fall!

Disclosure: The team at Photowall provided me with the canvas. Views are my own! 

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