Spread the happy

Sharing a few things that have brightened the past few weeks for me.

Winning the jammie jackpot

First, let me tell you I rarely win things. So I almost convinced myself it was a fake-out when I got a message from the folks at Hanna Andersson letting me know I’d won a $500 (!) gift card through one of their #happyhannas #hannajams contests.

img_1188Granted, it was like two weeks into 2017, but pretty much the best thing that’s happened to me all year.

Since I hit the jammie jackpot, I feel like I should spread the happy!
Comment on this post with something that’s made you HAPPY in 2017 for a chance to win a pair of Hanna Andersson baby jams. They make an amazing shower gift if you don’t have a little of your own. That’s how I got hooked! I’ll pick a winner at random on Feb. 1.


If you’ve ever snuggled a kid in these clothes, you know how super soft and durable they are. My mom spoils the kiddos with them when she finds a good sale, and I do not complain. Since the baby jams are footless, they allow a little more room for growth, which I love. I’m going to be a little selfish and get a grown-up outfit, too, with my gift card.

More bright spots:

Refreshing the downstairs bathroom

This is our primary bathroom (we have a 2/3 bath upstairs) because who doesn’t love a clawfoot tub? Joe added on the shower when we moved in, but otherwise it’s just been the same purple hodgepodge since we moved in. Here’s the grody paint-prep before photo:


And after:

Mostly just a gallon of paint (Hotel St. Francis Spirit Blue which is actually not the paint I intended to go with, but that’s what you get for rushing a trip to the hardware store with a kid in tow), a new IKEA vanity (really a buffet) and bringing in accessories from other areas of the house. I whipped up a little runner for the vanity using fabric from Bonnie Christine’s Succulence line that I bought when Stitch was closing last year.


I’d like to make a few tweaks like adding more art and a mounted necklace hanger, but having a vanity area is a game-changer. The art is a Bozz Prints piece that looks like it’s currently unavailable. Despite the color being not what I intended originally, I’m happy with how it turned out!


Pairing treadmill time and podcasts
I need to do this more like 3 times a week instead of once every week and a half, because heading to the Wellness Center at work for speed walking on an incline while listening to a podcast is pretty great. I’ve been listening to Fresh Air, but branched out and tried Call Your Girlfriend, where I picked up the cute term “doing life admin” as a description of spending time paying your bills, making appointments, etc.

Hanging at ladies’ book club


Being part of a book club (now several years strong) is incredible. It took us an hour and forty-five minutes to before we finally sat down to start discussing the book last night, but that’s part of what makes it so special.

I’m not great at making friend dates and look forward to these pre-planned nights. Honestly, I did not love Swing Time even though I had high hopes. Our next book is Lucky Boy by Shanthi Sekaran.


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11 responses to “Spread the happy

  1. My baby started walking this month and that has really upped the (bittersweet) happy factor around our house. He’s past a year and has been very slow to do things “on time” so we were all quite thrilled. 🙂

    I have a knitting group that has the same “problem” as your book club, ha! We spend like three hours gabbing and enjoying our beverages and only ever finally talk about knitting (or even actually knitting!) in like the last hour. 😉

    Love this post and congrats on that awesome Hanna score! Wow!!!! My kids have worn the jammies, too, since 2002. Love that company. The jammies last forever.

  2. $500! How awesome is that! Happy New Year and consider this my entry!

  3. I still can’t believe you won the HA gift card – so awesome! And even though the color is different than originally planned, I really like it! Going BOLD in 2017. And you know I love the horns. Something that is currently making me happy? Catching up on the show Sherlock. Benedict Cumberbatch FTW 👍🏻

  4. Erin Cusack

    Love this post! Bathroom looks great! Congrats on the gift card!

    Happy in 2017: I flew for the first time with my son last weekend. I was so anxious as I was solo. He is 14 MO. He did great on the way there and slept the entire way home!

  5. Michelle

    Getting away for a weekend with my husband (our first vacation since our daughter was born 20 months ago) made me very happy! Even better that he gladly spent some of it at the Women’s March in downtown Des Moines! Love that guy!

  6. Sadie

    I spent the ice storm weekend at the Ramada Tropics with friends. 82 degrees with 80% humidity, drinks from the tiki bar, and so much time for laughter and good conversation while their kids played in the pool.

  7. Lydia Zerby

    Love to win some jammies for my growing 10 month old 🙂

  8. That’s a awesome prize that’s actually really useful! Looove those pjs!

  9. This post makes me happy 🙂 I’m adding Lucky Boy to my ever growing reading list. Happy 2017!

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