What I’m into: The ‘I’ve Given Up’ edition

All in the same week, I bought a pair of Crocs and joined Weight Watchers. Then cried about it. The Crocs are the ballet flat kind and I intend to only wear them to walk the dog and garden, but still. I decided as I purchased them (so practical!) that I could probably never be cool again. Not that I was ever actually cool, but I had an illusion of at least being “with it.”

The Weight Watchers thing I’d been toying with for awhile, but it felt like a last resort. Portion control is not my strength and this “baby weight” which is really bagel weight isn’t melting off, especially since I’ve stopped nursing. I know the equation is to eat less/make better choices and move more, but I think my competitive spirit means I need some number goals. Also, I need to not have immobilizing full body poison ivy like I did for a few weeks last month. I will say that I was hangry the entire first week and was so good about “points” and then GAINED three pounds, which was totally insulting because I went to a wedding and held my friends’ bridesmaid bouquets so I wouldn’t eat all of the cheese…


Anyhow, I’m doing the online version and now I have an app on my phone that scans barcodes on my snack choices and a fitbit coming in the mail, so we’ll see if I can get myself in gear.

We also have a van now, which might be the mom trifecta, except that the van is Joe’s primary vehicle. I’m not going to lie – it was kind of awesome for our drive down to Oklahoma City last weekend. We had enough room to bring Wilbur and stayed in a cute airbnb and got to check out the brewery my brother is building. Check out Twisted Spike if you’re in OKC later this fall, or after!


Emmett and Eileen got to operate a forklift, and we got to hang with family we rarely see.

In less-lame things I’m into, I finally read “When Breath Becomes Air” by Paul Kalanithi (it’s essentially a death memoir) and it was lovely. I’m drawn to books about medical professionals these days, working at a med school and all, and I always appreciate a book that makes me think and cry. I also just started ‘A Manual For Cleaning Women,’ a collection of short stories by Lydia Davis. It reminds me of Flannery O’Conner.

Eileen’s first birthday is in one month (what?!) and I’ve been looking for some manatee accessories for her, which obviously devolves into looking for manatee accessories for me. A few friends shared a post about these amazing shoes.


Wish listed. And totally cooler than crocs, right?! Never mind.


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One response to “What I’m into: The ‘I’ve Given Up’ edition

  1. Oh man. I feel you on the crocs and stuff. As a teacher I always felt less than cool, except when doc martens became hip again! My students thought I was rad (read: not old) for wearing shoes I’ve had since they were babies.

    Also, I did WW for a while and it didn’t work at all for me. If it doesn’t work for you, don’t feel like a failure. One nutritional plan doesn’t work for everybody. I hear you on the numbers thing. You know I’m huge into “move more / eat better stuff” but sometimes if I want to lose a little I need the numbers to get me back on track. I’ve found that the best thing (for me … Again no one thing works for everybody) is tracking calories on MyFitnessPal for a while just to see where I’m at and then finding my bad habits. Usually it’s eating before bed or drinking too much. I’ve not had kids so I know nothing of post-baby weight. But I do know that I’ve stayed the same size as I was when I busted my ass working out all the time (when you knew me) by basically just walking the dog every day (1-3 mi) and doing short runs / light lifting. I try to eat one green thing every day and above all I don’t put foods off limits Bc when I do that (even when dieting) I want those more than anything (which is why plain calorie counting vs WW seems to work better for me). Novel-length comment aside, I wish you and your newfound crocs luck! 😘

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