Small town adventure

Hiking at a shorter stride is still hiking, right? We took a weekend family trip as part of a freelance assignment and spent Saturday in nature and a night in a converted chicken coop with the kids. The story probably won’t be published until next fall, so I don’t want to write too much, but here’s a peek:


Wilbur narrowly missed getting hit by a car when he escaped down the highway, and hiking at a toddler’s pace means marveling most at mud puddles, but breathing that spring air and listening to the bullfrog songs is good for the soul.

One of my favorite things about taking the rural highways of Iowa is spotting barn quilts along the way. My goal in life is to commission one for over the garage. (Confession: I frequently screenshot quilts that pop up in my Instagram feed looking for the perfect pattern.) In the meantime, these are cute alternatives:


20″ mini barn quilt quilt (how meta!) via SLOstudio


Desktop mini barn quilts 

I was just telling Joe how I have no desire to ever take one of those paint/drink classes, but this Mt. Vernon, Iowa based Barns & Brews class where you drink beer and make barn quilts has just totally changed that for me.


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  1. Oh, how fun! I love those drink n’ paint places – I would love to do a barn quilt!

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