Friday afternoon felt like we were finally teetering on the cusp of spring. The sun was shining, I was wearing peep-toe shoes and I had a box full of fro-yo with which to treat my friends. The day called for a pop-up party!


Des Moines’ East Village is where I go when I want to feel lovely and loved in this city. It was a day to emerge from hibernation, but instead of stressing about inviting people to my disaster-level mess of a house, I brought a box of fro-yo from Orange Leaf to my besties over at Ephemera.


{not sure if you can see it, but the print over Arin’s head says “i’m more fun in the summer” and ain’t it true!}

They took a quick break from designing gorgeous custom wedding invites to celebrate a sunny Friday with me. I used to be a regular in the shop in the early days, and it always feels good to be back, surrounded by so much joy and beauty. We decided to make East Village shoppers days with an impromptu treat that shares Ephemera’s fun D-I-Y spirit.


The party box comes with cups of varying flavors, and additional cups with your favorite toppings that nestle right into the box. Pop them into the lid, sprinkle away and you’re all set. Just grab a couple of packs of dollar-store party hats, napkins and noise makers and you can create a celebration anywhere, instantly! It’s a fresh, more allergy-friendly alternative to celebratory cupcakes.


I have a reputation as a ridiculous bag lady, so if I’d tried to pull off this concept without Orange Leaf, all the ingredients would likely have spilled everywhere. This was so. easy. and fun! (I will say I would love to see some better insulation on/ice in the party boxes, though, because even a few minutes in a hot car could kill the chill.)


{these sweet teachers were super stoked to be on the first day of spring break!}

Missed us in the East Village and w
ant to get in on the party? Comment here with the place in your city (Des Moines or wherever) that you’d host a fro-yo pop-up-party of your own. I’ll randomly pick four people to receive $25 gift cards to Orange Leaf! It could be a favorite park or other place people might enjoy a sweet pick-me-up. I’ll pick the winner on Friday, March 18!

Disclosure: Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt contacted me with the opportunity to try their new Pop-Up Party Box for free, and receive some gift cards for myself and readers. All opinions are my own honest feelings! Thanks, Orange Leaf! 



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14 responses to “GIVEAWAY: FRI-YAY FRO-YO

  1. Renae

    What an awesome idea and a perfect place to have your pop up party.

  2. Jannae Lane

    I’d host one at the CVB to celebrate my awesome co-workers that I’m saying goodbye to soon to take on a new career adventure!

  3. What a fun idea! I’d love to host in my backyard!

  4. Abby

    Love froyo! I would bring to work to share with coworkers.

  5. anna*

    I haven’t been to Gray’s Lake in months and that needs to change soon, so probably there!

  6. YUM! This preggers lady doesn’t need a reason or a location to eat fro-yo, but I definitely would do a party with my co-workers. Duh!

  7. Amy Croll

    Nothing better than OLFY! Yummy!

  8. Sweet! Orange Leaf is the best. I would throw a party for my awesome, hard-working coworkers at Drake University. But just the hard-working ones. 😉

  9. Molly R.

    Such a fun idea! I’d bring it to my sister’s house so the kids could enjoy the fun and yum with their cousins!

  10. I would absolutely share this with the brilliant creatives at University Communications!

  11. Babysitting coop meeting or play date!

  12. Bethany P.

    I’ve been meaning to throw a neighborhood ice cream social and this would be the perfect way to kick off the summer!

  13. aboundingabundance

    Backyard grill out for sure!!

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