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This spring, I went to a Stella & Dot trunk sale/brunch my friend Nicole hosted just before Mother’s Day. It was the perfect timing to pick out a pretty and personalized piece of  jewelry for my hometown bestie who had just had a little girl & was celebrating her own 30th birthday. And, as tends to happen at those kinds of things, I got a lovely necklace for myself that helped me feel more hip when I was waddling around in my maternity gear.

Our mutual friend Amber is a Stella & Dot stylist/middle school teacher and a fellow bookworm, so this fall when I was thinking about a low-key reason to invite some of my lady friends over, I thought a book swap and jewelry party might be a great excuse. I figured I would get a little lonely being home so much with the baby during maternity leave, and it’s actually easier to have people come to me than will myself to get out in the evening hours.


It was pretty low-key entertaining. I lit a fire, picked out a Songza playlist, set out a spread of cheeses, Amber brought the baubles and friends came with books in arm. I labeled all of the plastic wine cups with names of female authors, to make it a little theme-y. It was fun to relax with Eileen and see a bunch of lovely women at once. I’m also getting a jump on Christmas shopping! If you’re interested in Stella & Dot, you can shop through this link, long-distance, until Dec. 8.

2015-11-18 21.20.05

I’m excited to read “This is Where I Leave You,” by Jonathan Tropper, which was my pick from the swap, and Joe was jazzed that a Bill Bryson book was left.


P.S. Apparently Joe was trying to explain what the heck a Stella & Dot party is to his co-worker, and described it as “hipster Mary Kay”. Ha! Not quite, but I thought that was adorable. 



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2 responses to “Books & Baubles

  1. I had such a good time meeting your friends and talking books!!! Thanks for hosting such a fun get-together, Brianne! 🙂

  2. Hipster Mary Kay….love it. an oxymoron but I’m still going to use it

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