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A few things I’m looking at/listening to/geeking out over lately:

A friend-of-a-friend is living the dream as an adventure backpacker and writer. If you’re not feeling a sense of wanderlust already, Around the World with Justin will definitely inspire it!


Maternity leave has me actually tackling housekeeping duties like laundry, dishes, cooking, etc. so I’m trying to make them feel less mundane by listening to On Being episodes. I appreciated this episode, “What we Nurture,” which is a conversation about the extreme vulnerability of parenthood. Also, geeking overt this episode on the social compact of college campuses with their communities, because that’s the kind of scholarship/work I’m into professionally.

This story about a man being lost at sea for 14 months is crazy! Real-life Castaway stuff.

Speaking of cooking, I’ve taken to actually tearing out and making (or assigning Joe to cook!) recipes from Cooking Light. The Slow Cooker Ropa Vieja (we nixed the olives and cilantro) was a winner! Emmett was on a meat strike, which is particularly annoying, given his restrictive diet, but he declared “I like this beef!”


I’m on Season 4 of Parenthood, and that show is for music fans what Gilmore Girls is for bookworms. My friend Sara tipped me off that there is an epic Spotify playlist that includes all of the songs featured on the show.

I read about this Sugru product on Little Green Notebook and it seems like a fun holiday stocking stuffer for the dude in your life who has everything but is constantly tinkering and fixing things or DIY diva.


Of course, as a proud alumna, I’ve also been following coverage of the events related to the University of Missouri and campus racism. Although the hate speech and activities that led to the protests are extremely disappointing, I’m glad there are student leaders on campus who are elevating the issues to create a national conversation about diversity and inclusion in higher ed.

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