DSM kids yoga

Apparently, we have a mini yogi in the house. I’ll attend and enjoy the occasional yoga class, but I don’t “practice” at home, or really model stretching these days. Just the stretch pants. So I’m surprised to recognize Emmett at 2-years old has a genuine interest in — and is pretty good at — yoga.


His first exposure was at the end of August, when we attended the annual Community! Youth Concepts “Chalk Flood” event. They had kid-friendly instruction as part of the activities, and Emmett jumped right in. He was keen on the adorable instructor, and took to posing with the small group.


We’ve done exercises a few times at home since, but the other day I brought home “My Daddy is a Pretzel” from the library and the book, which features a story and pose how-to illustrations, was a hit.


Then before bed, we streamed a Cosmic Kids Yoga video and stretched along. The videos are kind of kooky, but I like how they incorporate imagination play and storytelling into the exercises.

As I’m looking to postpartum exercise and special ways to give Emmett attention after caring for his little sister all day, I could see us developing a little winter routine together.

Maybe we’d even venture to a special mother-son date at a local studio. The Family Tree offers a “Fun on the Run” parent/child yoga class (toddlers up to 3 yrs.) and Power Life Yoga has kids classes at the West Glen location. (I wish there was a weekend version downtown of Mommy & Me!) Do you know of any other yoga resources in the metro? My SIL just recommended Kids Mini Pretzels at the Valley Community Center, too.

UPDATE: Just saw the Des Moines Social Club is hosting a toddler and elementary yoga class this weekend!


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