Liking lately

A roundup of things I’m enjoying:

Mystery Show. I don’t have a long commute, and my car is so old (’97 Subaru Imprezza, what-what!) that is just plays CDs and so I rarely make time to listen to podcasts. But the other day I was working on a sewing project and so pulled up Mystery Show, which I’d heard about via “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!” on IPR the day before.

mystery show

Starlee Kine has contributed on “This American Life,” so her voice was familiar to me. The “mysteries” the show solves are pretty ridiculous (it’s the opposite of anything Law & Order), and the best part of the show is Kine’s ability to get random people to talk to her — really open up. She’d be the best dinner party guest. My favorite episode so far has been about locating the original owner of a mysterious belt buckle.

Pretty felt garlands. Our baby-prep to-do list this time around has been super lame, consisting mostly of thinking about getting our ductwork and carpets cleaned (appointments that have yet to be scheduled) and sorting through crazy piles of hand-me-down baby clothes. Baby girl’s crib will start off in a nook in our room, so there isn’t a lot of nursery decorating/nesting happening. But I think a sweet garland will make the space a little more special for her, and I’ve been crushing on this shop via Instagram.


Pizza, pizza, pizza! We celebrated my friend Danny’s 30th b-day with a pizza crawl tonight, and I had a vision of making/wearing giant, obnoxious pizza earrings. A trip to Michael’s for FIMO clay and earring supplies and a little late-night crafting and I felt ready to rock the first two stops, to Gusto Pizza and Noah’s Ark. We even got a babysitter and I put on eyeliner. Serious partytime. (Fun fact: When I was a pre-teen, I had an earring company with my childhood best friend and it was awesome.) 

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Ha! I totally used to make earrings with sculpey!! My favorite ones were sumo wrestlers. Your pizza ones rule. Congrats on Baby #2!

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