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I have a few new pieces floating out in the world that I thought were fun to put together:

Gestalt Creatives: Liz Lidgett

I was first approached to write this piece on Liz forever ago (like in March, way back when I was still in the midst of first trimester exhaustion), and I’m glad it finally got posted! The funny thing is, Liz recently purchased a home and so the photos from the shoot are like a time capsule into her old place.

Liz Lidgett’s art matchmaking skill evokes the power of a prism. She considers the space, its light, the style and colors of surrounding décor and can refract that information through her catalogue of ideas and into a recommendation that fits the persona of her clients. The results are stunning.


ia architect Magazine 

This is an architecture trade publication for which I truly enjoy contributing. I’ve never been to the Czech Village/New Bohemia neighborhoods in Cedar Rapids, but reporting this story definitely has me inspired for an in-Iowa adventure. I’m especially curious to see the NewBo City Market, because I’ll bet there are some community development folks in the Des Moines area eying this project to see if something similar might be feasible here.

A natural disaster can devastate a city, but it can’t wipe away its cultural heritage. In 2008, when murky floodwaters inundated Cedar Rapids—eight feet swept into the landmark National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library, and wiped out much of the historical Czech Village and New Bohemia neighborhoods—residents rose up and responded.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 5.20.22 PM

Yummy Toddler Food guest post 

I contributed a guest blog post for my friend Amy’s blog, all about some of our favorite quick & easy foods for our allergic-to-lots toddler.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 5.25.20 PM

All it took was a spoonful of hummus and, suddenly, I was an “allergy mom.”

Weaning was underway, with some early successes. Rice cereal was slurped with gusto, and sweet potato put a sparkle in my little man’s eye. So when I read about another mom whose baby adored hummus, I thought it sounded like the most genius baby food of all time. Healthy, just the right texture, and something we already had in the fridge. Yet, minutes after serving my son his first bite—and the ensuing hives and vomiting—we were booking it to the Emergency Room,

I have a story coming out in the September issue of DSM magazine, too! I’m glad I can still make time in the evenings and weekends to write. Connect with me on LinkedIn for freelance opportunities.

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