Liking lately

Joe was  out of town for five consecutive nights at the end of July to work RAGBRAI and I was anticipating some stressful solo toddler parenting. (The recent transition to daycare hasn’t been an easy one for our household.) But Emmett and I enjoyed quality mother/son time, with special trips like going to see “Living in the Age of Airplanes” at the Science Center IMAX. It was a big hit with the little guy.

When my husband isn’t home, two things are bound to happen:

1) I will probably eat the world’s laziest meals (hello, microwave quesadillas and cereal-for-dinner!)

2) I will finish a book.

Bookshelf: “The Interestings” by Meg Wolitzer


I have to say, The Interestings didn’t live up to the hype some of my favorite authors pumped in the jacket blurbs. I was thinking the whole time about how the characters weren’t that interesting, and kind of irritated by the main character, Jules, who reminded me of myself with her awkward sense of humor and personality flaw (jealousy).  But, still, I kept reading and the book held my attention. If you like books that follow characters through multiple decades, this one might be for you. It was a little bit like The Big Chill, without the soundtrack. Ringing endorsement?

I’ just started Marilyn Robinson’s newest work, Lila, which is up for the Man Booker Prize, but I’ll also have to get my hands on We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler, our next book club pick.


This weekend, we were on pins & needles waiting for our new nephew to be born. My mom and aunt were in town, and just before we headed out to Bison Days at Neal Smith Wildlife Refuge, we got word that Philip Atlas finally made his appearance! Joe and I got to visit him in the hospital and my 30-weeks pregnant self is finding it hard to believe that we will be welcoming a tiny in a few short months.


We brought him an outfit from the brilliant new”Where the Wild Things Are” baby/little boy line out at Target. I think Emmett will have to get this hoodie as a present from his baby sister in October. Adorable!


Instead of going on a romantic date while my family was here, Joe and I used the time to finally unpack our anniversary present to ourselves: a king-sized mattress. We ordered a foam Tuft & Needle mattress a few weeks ago.


When we first moved into our home more than six years ago, we were barely able to squeeze a queen bed up our narrow staircase. But the foam kinds had great reviews, the price was definitely right, and the mattress comes delivered in a vacuum-sealed package we were able to get upstairs, no-problem. You don’t need a box-spring, just a platform bed to put it on.

I’ve also recently seen a few people rave about Casper mattresses, which are  comparable! Leesa mattresses also have a similar model. We did a few hours of epic bedding shopping and now I feel prepared for snuggles as a family of four.

Mattress installed, I took a long Sunday afternoon nap following a busy few days of back-to-school physicals our team of volunteer students and Clinicians put on for families in need. The event was a major milestone in the months leading to maternity leave. We served more than 100 kiddos! I’m super grateful to Sam Auen, the restaurateur (Krunkwich Ramen House & Tacopocalypse) who let us expand into the vacant space he is going to get ready for his next concept. Without it., we probably would have been too cramped to function. Have I mentioned lately how much I love this community?


That was a totally random catch-up post! I can’t believe August is here.


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  1. siobhanbb

    Ditto here on the Interestings review!

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