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I’ve been mulling a post marking my second year of motherhood for a few weeks, but I just can’t seem to gather my thoughts. So much has changed since the first bewildering weeks, and yet two years in, I’m still asking myself how the heck other parents do it on pretty much a weekly basis.

So, while I continue to gather thoughts, I wanted to give a shoutout to a few local moms I admire. There are a couple dozen I’m missing here, obviously:

If there was some sort of pageant for captain of the crunchy mamas, I think Jenn Riggs would be crowned. I first saw but didn’t meet Jenn at a baby story time during the first few weeks of maternity leave. She was this cool looking lady with crazy curls and tattoo sleeve and this relaxed, happy vibe. Coincidentally, a few weeks later I joined a “natural fit mamas” workout class that Caeli Esser was instructing, and Jenn happened to be the coordinator. Jenn’s the kind of natural connector and resource that new moms need. She’s honest that it’s not always easy, but radiates joy.


She’s a doula, and started a forest friends play group concept, and any woman who can double fist a glass of wine and a small goat is clearly a goddess.

(Also, if you’re looking to connect with moms in the outdoors, I saw there’s a DSM chapter of ‘Hike it Baby‘ that got started!)

The whole city seems to be awaiting the birth of Ms. Emily Lang’s baby girl, and although that occasion will officially make her a mama, her work with youth as an educator and inspirer has already cast her as a mother figure. Keep your eyes on RUN DSM. I’m so excited that my daughter might just get the chance to go to school with hers. I hope that they pass poems in class. Her spoken word piece on 10 things she wants her daughter to know is full of goosebump moments:

Everyone needs that friend with whom you can be totally truthful, vulnerable and ridiculous. Extra bonus when she has a few extra months of motherhood on you and can be both a guiding star and sounding board for joys and challenges. For me, that’s Arin Hummel. You might know her as the co-owner of Ephemera, the darling stationery shop with the red and white awning in the East Village. Arin and I came of age together and I’m so glad we get to share this next stage of making-it-up-as-we’re-going-along parenthood together. And also moments where we’re more just goofy ladies giggling in the back of a burlesque show, out past bedtime.


I’m so glad to know such cool women/mamas. I think I might also do a post about how a babysitting co-op works, because lots of people ask and I’ve found ours to be a super supportive network. Shoutout to co-op mama, Alexson, who had her second baby yesterday! We’re growing!


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3 responses to “Local mama love

  1. I stumbled onto your blog somehow last week. Anyway, I’m also in Iowa & am totally jealous of your awesome group of mama friends! I live in SMALL TOWN, middle-of-nowhere Iowa and I am not from Iowa (Wisconsin native)…so while everyone around me seems to be related or at least went to school together for 12+ years…I stick out like a sore thumb. Ugh. There are so many interesting groups to join for young mothers near/in the “big” cities, but driving that far for a playgroup is just not practical. It also hasn’t helped that I was having my firstborn over 13 years ago at age 20 when everyone else in my friend group was decidedly not in that place in their life. Now I’m having another one and really feel the need to find those mamas with small children…most of my work friends are older and done having babies. Sorry for the ramble! I’ve really enjoyed reading through your past blog posts over the past week (hope that’s not creepy). Thanks for the Hike it Baby link…Iowa City has a group and despite being over an hour drive away I may just have to break down & attend a hike. Happy 2 years of motherhood!

    • I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my blog! That does sound isolating, although it looks like your family has a life rich with nature and exploration! It’s strange how in the internet age, we can “make friends” with people who we don’t really meet in person, but with whom we can almost “talk” more openly than those who are right next door. Please keep reading and commenting 🙂

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