Hey, girl

When we found out we’re having a little girl in October, everyone, of course, started asking if I was excited to get all sorts of girly stuff. I always want to say something sassy about how kid stuff should just be kid stuff – dolls, trucks, play-dough, etc., but I’ll admit there are a few things that make me squee about having a daughter on the horizon:


Embroidered Romper


See Kate Sew DIY printed doll fabric  collection 


Celtic knot headband
(I’m not into the huge flower headbands on baby girls, but I love a jaunty jersey one.)


A vibrant mini quilt to hang by her crib
Babies love high-contrast, but I don’t actually see myself sewing something so involved in the next four months!

Also, for me, I’m checking to see if our insurance will cover this Freemie breast pump because let’s be honest, pumping is the worst and this model was designed by a female ER doc with some brilliant ideas. I read about it on Madison’s blog the other night and was instantly obsessed. I’m totally planning to watch Parenthood and/or The Good Wife as my pumping show this maternity leave.

I need to remember I’m having an autumn baby. All of this looks so summery, like a berry popsicle. Speaking of…

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  1. I totally read that pump name as Frenemy and thought, genius marketing move! 🙂 Those cups are genius though!

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