Two cutie homes in the Beav

Just a quick post because I’m blogging between cookie batches, but I wanted to share two charming Beaverdale-area homes my friends are selling. Maybe you’re in the market or just curious how reasonable real estate in Iowa can be. You should up-and-move here! 00S0S_kBmfV2yI5ag_600x450 4107 Forest Ave.  – A  Three-bedroom near Snookie’s Malt Shop, with closet space! Check it out. ISdkwmz3k839k31000000000 3407 50th St. –  This cute home features a fabulous finished basement and gigantic backyard (complete with hops growing on the deck!). Check it out. Both homes owned by great families who care about their communities, so they have excellent house vibes. Now, back to my batches of caramel chai spice cookies. I’m headed to a cookie exchange this afternoon! IMG_20141214_123249

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