Grateful in April

March was good to me, and so far April hasn’t disappointed. Here’s a bit of what’s made me happy this past month:

Family recipes passed down in person. Grandpa, Emmett and I made a video of his Irish Soda Bread recipe for St. Patrick’s Day and then last weekend my brother, Bruce and sister, Donna, drove up from Oklahoma for a visit. We made tamales from my dad’s dad’s recipe – a first for me. It was a labor of love, for sure! Bruce is my half-brother and we didn’t grow up together, so it was a rare treat to spend some extended time together.



I want to do a tamale tutorial, but it’s a long, detailed process. I’ll at least show you how to make the cute, sweet dessert tamales, which don’t involve quite as much prep.

A job with room to grow. I feel like the right position came along for me at the right time. Community Relations is a department of one, housed under the marketing & communications umbrella, which feels like the best of both worlds. I get to be part of a fun team and learn from an experienced boss, but there’s room to really help shape things. I have an “intrapreneurial” spirit, and love being part of something bigger. There seems to be a lot of pride among the faculty and staff at DMU. Plus, I got free tickets to an Iowa Cubs game as an employee perk, and my office is right next to a “walkstation,” which is a computer workstation attached to a treadmill. No excuses not to get healthy and fit.

Joe getting Fridays off. Joe and I swapped work schedules with my new job, and it was so awesome to come home to three smiling faces at the end of the week. I had to stop the car and snap this photo:


Signs of spring. We were super overwhelmed in new baby land this fall and neglected all yard work, which actually made getting out the rake today fun. I got to uncover some green shoots and work up a sweat in the sunshine.

Double date bike rides. Last Sunday afternoon we braved the wind with our friends and had a family outing on the trails out for lunch at Buzzard Billy’s, which has huge curved booths and is pretty kid-friendly during the afternoon. We biked 17 miles! Joe was the one towing Emmett, but I definitely felt it for a few days afterward. Soon it will be waterpark weather and we’ll take the trail up to Ankeny!

Downtime. I’m trying not to over-schedule myself and take advantage of nights home with nothing to do to catch up on Girls and work on a sewing project.

Surprises in the mail. There’s nothing better than receiving an unexpected package from a friend. I’ve been trying to send a few, too.

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  1. so glad the timing in your life brought you to DMU! It gave me the excuse to finally meet you in person! 🙂

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