9 months: Our baby essentials

Yesterday I blogged about my mindset as a mother, nine months in, so today I thought I’d share some of the stuff that we’re finding really helpful/like a lot at this stage. It’s easy to find lists of what to register for for newborns, but we’ve definitely entered a new phase.


OXO Sprout high chair, $249 
We scored this for 40% off, thanks to Joe’s professional discount, and it’s definitely one of my favorite splurges. Our floor plan is very open and the thought of looking at/maneuvering around a gigantic plastic high chair for years was depressing. I love that the legs are wooden but the seat, tray and cushion are easily wipe-able. It’s modern and it can be adjusted to grow with the child. Someone, please find me a set of adult dining room chairs just like this!

IKEA MULA block set, $7.99
A friend gifted these to us and they are Emmett’s favorite, in addition to his Sassy lookbook. He’s obsessed with pulling on strings (like my hoodie strings and zipper pulls) and he loves to pull the cart closer to him and inspect the blocks. I’m not going to lie, though. His favorite toy is the plastic bag of wipes, my glasses and things he can wave around in his hand. We’re big on waving right now.


ScratchMeNot mittens, $24.95
These things are the reason I haven’t gone insane and Emmett doesn’t look like he’s been mauled by a rabid raccoon. Totally amazing for families struggling to manage eczema. He learned how to pull the socks off his hands a few months ago, and a couple we know told us these little shrugs are worth the investment. You can flip the cuffs so the kiddo’s hands are free, or fold them down into silk-covered mittens, which are a lot softer on his face than cotton socks. We have three pairs and he wears them constantly.

Hannah Anderson Night Night sleeper, $34

It pains me to pay more than $3 for an article of clothing that Emmett could grow out of in the blink of an eye. (I’m not that cheap, but the kid is in the 93rd percentile for height and already rocking 18 month duds. Plus, garage sales FTW.) We got one of these organic cotton zippered sleepers as a gift and I asked my mom to get another one when they went on sale. Stripes + zippers are my melting point when it comes to baby gear. Whoever invented snap pajamas was a sadist.


Diano Radian carseat, $270ish
Emmett is super tall, so outgrew his Chicco Keyfit carseat in a hurry. We asked for this for Christmas and got one then and another more basic Diano later, because we alternate dropping E off and picking him up. The big boy carseat expense was a punch to the wallet, for sure. We went with the Diano because we heard they’re a good option for tall kids.


Munchkin rubber ducky bath, $11.79
I’m weird and didn’t want to buy a baby bathtub because they’re big and clunky and you don’t use them very long. We started out bathing Emmett in the sink, then I would get in with him in the big bath. But because of his eczema, we have to give him a bath every other night and so I caved. I saw Cara had this bath for her daughter, and love that it’s inflatable/portable, but mostly I like that it’s shaped like a giant rubber ducky, OK? Emmett started trying to drink the bath water this week. What a weirdo.

A few other things: Emmett loves to feed himself, so we don’t do much pureed baby food unless we’re out of sweet potato, broccoli, peas, pears, cantaloupe, etc. We like the Plum Organics stuff, and often rely on their puffs as a distraction to get E to stop scratching. We’re still using the Bum Genius diapers at home and I’ve been really happy with them, although we did switch to Pampers Overnights because we’re not hardcore. An exersaucer is also a great thing, especially if you can get a good one secondhand.


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3 responses to “9 months: Our baby essentials

  1. Great list! Those mittens look like an adorable solution. We love HA pajamas too. Keep an eye out at Costco, they usually sell them there once a year for $12!

  2. Great list! Those mittens look like an adorable solution. We love HA pajamas too. Keep an eye out at Costco. They usually sell them there once a year for $12!

  3. indexcase34@yahoo.com

    We outlawed Snap Pajamas within a month! (seriously, I can’t even button the three on the onesie correctly when I’m WIDE AWAKE!)

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