3 ways to break up with winter

Winter, we are all so over you.

Dance it out. Even if the warmth in the room is coming from the heat generated not by the sun but rather by dozens of flailing arms and shakin’ booties, it’s better than huddling under a duvet for the bajillionth night in a row, right?

Joe and I went downtown on Saturday night for the MAIDS set/dance party. I wore winter-appropriate boots and snuck a pair of cute shoes in my bag to slip on once we got to the venue. It was so much fun! We even got snapped by Juice, and we asked the babysitter to stay an hour later because I wasn’t done dancing. They’re playing in Iowa City tonight!

I really want to get up the courage to check out one of the Des Moines contra dances that happen down the street from us on a regular basis. (Contra dancing is like square dancing, with a bluegrassy band and caller. We did it at my cousin’s wedding this fall in Portland and it was a hoot.) Looks like the next one isn’t until May, so I’m going to have to find a few other non-clubbin’ places to bust a move between now and then.  Maybe a Zumba class?

Go out for Mexican. The countdown to patio season is on! Until then, spice it up with a trip out to eat at a Mexican restaurant where they channel the color and flavor of the home country. We haven’t gone out for Mexican in forever, but one of my favorite spots is El Aguila Real in Beaverdale. It’s not sunny inside, but the booths are all carved with vibrant designs. Go ahead and order a margarita to warm you from the inside out, too.

Buy a bike. No matter what the groundhog says, the first sign of spring is actually the Bike World Warehouse sale which starts tomorrow. It’s where I found my sweet Terry Prism a couple of years back. Joe just worked his magic (something with its derailleur? I don’t actually know.) and gave me a new gear system so I can shift on the handlebars this summer. Watch out, RAGBRAI! My goal is to do at least a day of this awesome, short northern route. (Have you heard about the new BACooN ride?)


Joe’s tool bench makes me happy.

Or, if you really want to be ambitious, buy a house! My SIL just listed their great Union Park place in hopes to move to our side of town. It’s super close to trails and the East Village and has a great patio backyard. Plus, the price is right for a first-time buyer, especially!


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