Come on baby light my fire


It’s hard to believe that this time last year, this guy was just bakin’ away.


I was still cute-pregnant and not the waddling-mammoth-pregnant of summer.


And now here he is, lighting my heart on fire. I think my favorite part of being a parent so far is how Emmett’s opening up our community.

Making friends as an adult is sometimes difficult. I feel lucky to have met some downright stellar people over the past seven years as a Des Moines transplant, and yet I feel like there’s this whole additional expanse of amazing people I’ve encountered as a new parent.

I’m grateful there’s such a sweet cohort of babies who I’m excited to watch grow up alongside our guy.


What are your Valentine’s day plans? We’ll spend Friday night in, probably making a heart-shaped pizza and maybe pitching our tent indoors next to the fireplace, per dorky tradition.

Saturday night, we’re hoping to hit up the dance party at the Mews so I can be reminded that I am not 22. (P.S. Have you heard the new MAIDS track? Danny and Mickey will be playing some new songs, then DJ-ing the party.)

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