Talks from TEDxDesMoinesWomen are live

I’m excited to share the talks from our December TEDxDesMoinesWomen event!

That's me at our lunchtime screening sesh

That’s me at our lunchtime screening sesh

The evening live talks were all fabulous people who I’m so glad I had the pleasure of meeting. TEDxDesMoines is a completely volunteer thing, and I’m always amazed at the preparation and poise our speakers possess.

Renee Cramer, Drake University professor of Law, Politics, and Society, explores our cultural fascination with the celebrity baby bump, and how cheeky media headlines actually hint at a surveillance of womens’ bodies with darker implications. (Renee had a huge Drake student fan club turn out. She’s probably one of the most popular faculty members on campus. It’s obvious why.)
Iowa State University Computer Science major Cassidy Williams was often the only girl in the room. She shares her story of pursuing her passion as a model for encouraging women in STEM. (Cassidy is an incredible go-getter. I want to show her talk to all high school seniors as a model for being proactive about pursuing a career. I feel like we’re going to see her on the cover of Forbes someday.)
Author and baker Beth Howard explains how a simple slice of homemade pie can serve as a catalyst for healing. After suffering a personal tragedy, Howard discovered a new sense of purpose and hope with her elbows deep in flour. For her, giving away pie is a metaphor for giving of yourself. (Beth is as sweet and thoughtful as the pies she bakes up in he American Gothic House. She has a new cookbook you can pre-order, too!)
Lacy Howard’s career as a magazine professional positions her as an expert on the trend toward handmade and personalized projects. Howard takes us beyond the glossy pages to show that real-life creativity is messy and caution women against getting caught up in Pinterest-inspired “vignette living.” (Lacey collaborates professionally with lots of my friends, and her talk probably hit home the most for me. I’m guilty of getting caught up in striving for Pinterest-style perfection and only showing the bright side on this blog.)

Check out the talks:

Click on the “Playlist” tab in the upper left of the talk to see all four.

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