Parenting analogy of the weekend

Parenting analogy of the weekend: Starting out as a parent is kind of like making chili for the first time. Everyone wants to share “the best” recipe with you, but you just kind of have to throw what you have together (resources/philosophy/meat/beans), let it simmer and adjust to your own taste.

I mean, not that your white bean lamb chili isn’t uh-maz-ing, but I’ll just have it when I come over to your house. OK?


Joe likes to riff on the America’s Test Kitchen recipe. Normally we have it with chicken, but this weekend it was stew meat. Simple. Spicy.

Parenting links that will make Santa spit milk out of his nose: 

If you haven’t yet read this hilarious A Ten-Month-Old’s Letter To Santa post, I almost peed.

My friend Erin wrote this witty little Elf on a Shelf essay for The Register. She’s good. Check out her blog Parent Hard, too.

Oh, Drew Magary. Dadspin brings us “A Treasury of Childrens’ Insane Christmas Lists.” Prompted by this annotated version of his own daughters’.


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2 responses to “Parenting analogy of the weekend

  1. Scott

    Love the site…..did I see a RAGBRAI shirt in there from 2007?

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