Liking lately

I bought a brick! Waaaay back, I wrote a story for Juice about a relatively unknown guy who moved to Des Moines with a crazy idea. The dude was Zachary Mannheimer and the idea was the Des Moines Social Club. Lots has happened since that first story, and although I’m not currently involved at the DMSC, I felt compelled to pitch in for their brick campaign.


If you see one that says “Iowan by choice!” it’s totally mine. Also, I got in on the 2-for-1 Cyber Monday deal, so I’m putting Emmett’s name on another one. Total mom move. You can get a brick for $25, 50 or 100 here.


One fun/challenging thing about working at a nonprofit is that you sometimes get to tackle projects that are out of your wheelhouse. I get to try to design things now and again for work. Although I typically end up asking Joe to help me get from the vision in my head to something decent on the computer, I am trying to be less reliant. Then this week, someone pointed me to, Creative Market: it’s a treasure trove of backgrounds, illustrations and fonts that designers can purchase and use. Things are about to get a lot prettier up in here!

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 10.25.54 PM


I don’t actually know Becky Murphy, the illustrator/author of the new little book I’d Rather be Short.”  But the internet tells me we’re connected to some of the same people. (She’s lived in Iowa and somehow is also friends with someone I know from Mizzou.) It’s a small world, folks.

IRBS-gifAs a shorty, I appreciate the subject matter. I’m also super impressed by how a challenge to herself to draw, started posting on her blog and the project took on a bigger life. (Here’s the back story.) Totally inspiring!


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3 responses to “Liking lately

  1. Woo hoo! Thank you for the feature, Brianne! I’m glad the back story inspired you. Thanks for spreading the word 🙂

  2. Not sure you if knew this – but your article is why/how I contacted Zack waaay back when… You’re a matchmaker! 🙂

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