Liking lately

I think pregnancy and new motherhood (yay changing body!) and being firmly entrenched in my late 20s has definitely influenced my style lately. I’m more drawn to shift dresses and tunics with a little length and drape and swing.

I’ve been changing up my wardrobe a bit and am loving these suede short boots (even if they’re a size bigger than what I used to wear!) by Steve Madden, paired with pants, leggings and tights.


That pop of teal makes me feel sassy and the shoe stays neutral if everything is zipped up. Our little secret!

I’ve had quite a few evening meetings lately, so I’m loving the nights I get to come straight home and hang out in the kitchen while Joe cooks up some wintery stew and we groove a bit to the Sam Cooke station on Pandora. Did I just use “groove” as a verb? Sure did. I never think to put on music when I cook, but Joe always does. It’s a lovely way to unwind — especially adult beverage in hand — and have making dinner feel like less of a chore.

Mealtimes are definitely getting more interesting around here, now that Emmett is eating rice cereal, avocado and banana. Last night he stole his spoon from me and shoved it in his own mouth. Clearly we need to work on manners as well as fine motor skills!


I am pretty obsessed with his high chair (Sprout from OXO). It’s modern and bright while also having the heavy duty wooden base. The tray is easy to pull in and out one-handed, too. I’m a huge fan of OXO products as a whole, and Joe gets a sweet discount with them through work.

I’ve also gotten some fun mail lately – a hand-drawn card from my aunt and a mini DIY cheese making kit from my friend Christa!


I was hoping to use it to cross making cheese off my “Before 30” list this weekend, but alas – yesterday I got the order to go off of dairy for a couple of weeks to see if that helps clear up the head-to-toe eczema that’s had the poor baby scratching himself all over. I’ve been keeping socks on his hands at night — it’s super pathetic.

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