Weekend balance

I do believe my ideal weekend sequence goes like this: A low-key Friday night pizza-and-a-movie to relax and unwind from the week, something fun for Saturday, and a recovery day Sunday in which you might not change out of your pajamas until nighttime and then only do so in order to get into a fresh pair of pajamas.

We enjoyed just that kind of an October weekend around these parts. And, bonus, Joe was off on Friday, too. Three day weekends are a luxury like real cream in your coffee or cashmere blended into your sweater, aren’t they? I’ve been needing that extra day.

Chilly, rainy weather caused us to abandon our (probably too ambitious) attempt at family camping in favor of putzing around the house. We put the tent up in the living room anyway, and kept it there most of the weekend, as we sometimes do.


Joe made deep-dish and we watched the second Star Trek movie. I dozed off after about a half hour of it, then woke up in time for the ending, which was about as much of the movie as I needed.

Saturday night, Emmett went to hang with his cousins and Joe and I got glammed up for a roaring ’20s party. The Mister donned his bow tie and I  put on fake lashes and wore a new dress and bright red lipstick and hot-rollered my hair, and really did feel glamorous for the first time in monthsandmonthsandmonths. We had a fantastic time, and plan to post more about the party later!


Sunday we enjoyed pumpkin pancakes and I got a little freelance work done and spruced up the blog (totally loving my new membership to the Roost Tribe, which is where the pretty patterns come from) and downloaded “The Age of Miracles,” which I’m supposed to be reading for the new ladies’ book club I’m part of.


My mom and aunt come into town next weekend!

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  1. Tami Stroh

    I’m heading to Trader Joe’s today. I think I’ll make them for dinner. Yum!

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