TEDxDesMoines 2013 recap

What an exhilarating and exhausting weekend. This year’s TEDxDesMoines was a blast.

catchingherbertI learned about a crazy array of topics, from crowdsourced design solutions to critical materials supply chain shortages, tried on Google Glass and got shot by Stefen’s quadcopter, Herbert. I sat in the front seat of a sweet electric car*, plus met some really cool people — including a first year Drake University student who is German but went to high school in Taiwan and came to Iowa because she saw Drake at a college fair and everyone was really nice. Totally roping her into the TEDxWomen team.

Watch the complete playlist of 2013 TEDxDesMoines Talks.


I’ve helped my friend/TEDxDesMoines curator Alexander Grgurich plan and execute events for a few years now, especially last year after we traveled to the TEDxSummit in Qatar, when I realized what a massive undertaking putting a TEDx together can be. I can’t claim much credit for how amazing this year’s event was, and I’m super-impressed Alexander was able to pull everything off without keeling over. (Though we did have some strategy sessions at Mars Cafe where it looked like maybe he hadn’t slept in awhile.)

Sharing the TEDxDesMoines energy, I want to find a way to help Nabil realize his dream. He wants to drive (well, “burn out”) his supersweet electric car on the Grand Concourse at the Iowa State Fair to show how awesome they can be. Wouldn’t it be a fun drag race? This is his daily ride!


Anybody have connections with the State Fair folks? Can we at least get him in the parade?

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One response to “TEDxDesMoines 2013 recap

  1. You did a great job “making it happen” yesterday at TEDx DSM 2013!

    Always honored to serve with you. And thanks for your encouragement to me along the way. Much appreciated!

    Keep creating…but stay cool, Mike

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