I always have the best intentions about journaling, but ever since I was a little girl, I’d rarely make it past January with my entries. My mom got me a five-year journal for Christmas (they have a regular non-mom version, too) and I’ve been much more consistent about jotting a line or two each day. Sometimes I’ll go back and record a week at a time, but I feel like these five years are going to yield some big changes and it will be interesting to capture them in a day-to-day way.


Speaking of capturing snippets of memories – Did you know Walgreens now offers 4×4 Instagram prints*? The best (most dangerous?) part is that you can download their app and order them right from your phone. I stuck up a few favorites on our computer area with washi tape. The effect kind of reminds me of my high school locker – sans magnetic poetry.


Walgreens prints are matte instead of glossy, which I like, but they’re pretty thin. They’re cheaper than some online printing alternatives, but a lot quicker – so this option is about speed over quality. I still love this Instagram-prints-in-jewel-cases gallery project from Young House Love, which uses 5×5 prints.

I’ve been meaning to pretty up the computer station by covering the inside doors with pretty paper and maybe some cork board materials, but that fell by the wayside when we took on the remodel. I imagine after I go back to work in a few weeks, those will be the kind of “small victory” projects I’ll gravitate towards, now that the remodel is totally complete. I have kitchen curtains in the works, but I can only spend 10 minutes at a time on them, so at that rate I’ll probably complete the set by Christmas!

*I got a coupon code with my print order for 20% off my Instagram photo order using the code 4X4PRINT (valid through Aug. 31, 2013) when I checked out on my phone.

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