Meeting up in MN

Continuing our quest to turn Emmett into a seasoned traveler before he cuts a tooth (and taking advantage of Joe’s summer schedule), we’re planning a quick one-night excursion in Minneapolis in a few weeks. It’s a meet-in-the-middle kind of trip with the goal of going to a Twins game with Joe’s college BFF Rusty, his wife Cathy and their similarly tiny baby, Willa. So excited!

il_570xN.469510477_axquimage via The Feel Good Art Boutique

I took a cue from Betsy and booked our first airbnb condo for the night. I think it will be cool to have a space where the six of us can chill out and call a home base, and the price was right.

We’re only a few blocks from the Walker Art Center and Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, which I’ve never seen. If the boys get baseball, I think a trip here is only fair. And apparently there is an artist-designed mini golf course?! Totally tackling that with Emmett in the Ergo baby. I clicked through the photos of the holes and (surprise!) discovered my friends Cavan and Scott are in one of the photos!


So far, Eliza, the airbnb host (who will be gone when we’re there) has been awesome about offering suggestions for some short-order dining options. I want to get a taste of the city, but don’t want to bring two infants in a place where we can’t bolt if they get fussy.

Here are her picks:
-Common Roots
-Lu Sandwich
-Tao Natural Foods
– French Meadow
-Midtown Global Market* (a mall of ethnic  and small restaurants such as Mexican, African, Swedish, Vietnamese, Hamburgers, etc)
-Seward Cafe (not that close) (not that close but amazing french deserts)

*Joe and I had amazing sweet corn tamales here once!

We only have about 36 hours in the city this time, but I’d love to know your suggestions so I can keep them in my back pocket for a future visit!


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3 responses to “Meeting up in MN

  1. Crud, I forgot to send you ideas on what to do! Looks like you got plenty of ’em though. Phew!

  2. Probably not the most baby friendly location, but our fave spot to dine is The Grand Cafe:

  3. Paula Maag

    From my sister who raised her boys in St. Paul/Minn….enjoy!
    A favorite stroller walk – Minnehaha Falls. Very popular in the summer – lots of public parking, but it does fill. Quiet, shady, the falls are pretty and there’s a little restaurant – Sea Salt Eatery – with ice cream, lunch items, beer, wine, etc.. Looking again at “one-night excursion”… I don’t think she’s going to get very far with a tot! She’s staying in a great location for just taking long walks and relaxing.

    BTW, parking for French Meadow café is very tight, and the adjacent lot actually belongs to the bar two doors down – and they tow!

    Suggest she hoof it to Nicollet Mall and just walk and stop – it’s all shops and restaurants.

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