Do your Friday dance

Holy seacow, you guys. This week raced by, didn’t it? Do a little Friday dance. Bonus points if you’re adorable and surrounded by stuffed manatees.


Yes, I had a little manatee photoshoot with Emmett last week. I’m a weirdo.


Anyhow, here are few things this weirdo has been into this week:

Clicking: I’ve bookmarked another go-to blog for interesting tidbits and inspiration: sho & tell. She curates some pretty cool things in her posts, and I love following writers who share short works. She posted about this Chandelier Tree in L.A. the other day. What a spellbinding concept. It would be a cool public art installation to try in Des Moines, on a big, gnarly Oak.

Reading: I started “Tell the Wolves I’m Home. My friend Mara recommended it, and it made Oprah’s Book Club. The chapters are really short so far, which makes it easy for me to pick up and put down. I only have short stretches of reading time nowadays, so that’s helpful.


Watching: Joe and I started streaming the Netflix series Orange is the New Black this week. We watched the Weeds series together and this is created by the same woman.


Listening: My friend Danny (the singer from Seedlings) veers from folk-rock into electronica in his new project, MAIDS. He let me listen to one of the songs from their upcoming EP in the car the other night, before our writing group. He’s crazy talented. They’re hosting a release show on August 2 at Vaudeville Mews.

And at the end of August, they’ll be playing in a mini music fest, Shoot the Chutes, that my friend Andy is helping put together:



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3 responses to “Do your Friday dance

  1. Abbe

    FYI, Jenji Kohan (creator of Weeds and Orange is the New Black) is a she:-)

  2. Oh I read that book! And have been meaning to start that show! We are like the same person! Except I don’t have a manatee-dancin’ baby. 😉

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