Baby, you’re a firework

I hope everyone had a long and relaxing Independence Day weekend! Ours started Wednesday with Emmett’s first concert: The Yankee Doodle Pops on the Capitol lawn.


We met up with friends at Ephemera beforehand and had champagne and angel food cake before squeezing our quilts into a little patch of grass just in time to hear the symphony strike up. This is one of my absolute favorite free events in Des Moines (consider making a donation to the symphony if it’s one of yours!) and was a great way to celebrate three years of marriage.


Thankfully, Emmett slept through most of the concert in his Ergobaby and Joe’s arms and calmly took a bottle as the cannons boomed. (Evening tends to be a fussy time at home.) I teared up at the patriotic music, and was excited that the legendary Simon Estes made an appearance. I feel like hearing him is one of the things every Des Moinesian must do to be an official resident.

Downtown was PACKED with an Iowa Cubs game and Nitefall on the River happening concurrently, and I’m going to admit to being a little bit delighted by the gridlock traffic after the concert. It’s like we’re a grown up city that stays up late! It’s the only time I’ve experienced real traffic in Des Moines. It’s still more fun to ride bikes down, though. Can’t wait to do that next year.

Then we headed to the Chicago suburbs to introduce the babe to my family and friends back home. I sat in the back with Emmett during part of the car trip in case he needed a bottle while we were on the road, but most of the time he was content to snooze, so we definitely lucked out. The weekend was filled with special moments like this one:


I’ve been so excited to introduce my grandpa to his first great-grandchild. My heart was bursting to see them meet. My friends stopped by, too:

1040296_10101370821624500_103014010_oWe also visited the farm where we had our wedding reception to re-create a photo three years later and stock up at the market.

July 2010


July 2013


DSC_0302Emmett was less willing to mug for the cameras than sleep in the car, but we picked up some brats and honey butter from the farmer’s market.


Cabbage (but really broccoli) patch kid. Joe made this Fine Cooking Roasted Potato Salad with Shaved Fennel and Salsa Verde for a cookout at my mom’s. It’s an awesome summer recipe! Highly recommend.


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4 responses to “Baby, you’re a firework

  1. Andrea Iverson

    So sweet. Congratulations!

  2. Emmett is a cutie! What day was he born? Our little Charlotte was born June 11th:)

  3. He was born on June 13 (Due June 4). Congratulations to you!

  4. Oh boy! He was even later than Charlotte (by a day). You poor thing;) I’m glad he finally came and congrats to you as well. And, I love the photos in the window frame:)

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