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I’m not going to lie, we haven’t left the house much the past 10 days, except for doctor’s appointments. I knew theoretically that breastfeeding was going to be time consuming, but I really didn’t quite understand how all encompassing it is at first. My “What to Expect in the First Year” book was even like, Yeah, nobody told you it would be like this, or if they did, you wouldn’t believe them. Sucka. 


While bumming around the house, I’ve been listening to some new-to-me music: Father John Misty. It’s kind of a psychedelic alt-folk from the guy from Fleet Foxes. So good. I’m just looping his playlist on Youtube. Anything else you’d suggest?

Ridiculously late to the game here (like, 15 years late): I was more of the Gilmore Girls generation, but I just started watching Felicity on Netflix. (You can stream 80+ episodes!) I think this will get me through some bleary-eyed pumping sessions. I don’t know if there was any debate back in the day, but I am definitely on Team Noel.

On Saturday, we were determined to get down to the Farmer’s Market for some sunshine and, of course, a papusa. Emmett obliged like a champ. I almost cried listening to a violinist play Hallelujah“on the corner. Of course.


We picked up kale from Table Top Farms, green onion sausage from Crooked Gap, red pepper chevre from Reichert’s Dairy Air and some summer squash and Joe used them all to top a pesto-sauce pizza for dinner. It wasn’t a very photogenic pizza, but it was delicious.

On the positive side, I’m enjoying being able to touch my toes once again, and when I stepped on the scale yesterday, I already weighed in at 30 pounds less than I did at my last prenatal doctor’s visit! I have a feeling the last 20 will be a lot more difficult to lose, though. Yeah, do the math, I gained 50 pounds! I am going to argue that a good portion of that was water, but it’s a good thing my 10 year high school reunion isn’t until fall.

(Fellow new moms: this essay in The Atlantic, “What Nobody Remembers About New Motherhood” is a good one.)


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2 responses to “Currently digging

  1. Love that Atlantic article! At a time when everyone was asking me if Alton was “a good baby” and was he sleeping through the night and I wanted to throat punch all of them because no three week old sleeps through the night, my mom came to stay and help and she said, “i remember how tired you are.” That was the best thing I had ever heard because no one else seemed to get it.

    Anyway, good for you for braving the farmers market! And with a stroller – ten bonus points for you 🙂 pretty sure that is an advanced momma maneuver.

  2. RE III

    Do yourself and Emmett a favor and go see Fr. John Misty live. The man deserves awards for his stage presence.

    Other tunes you should check out:
    – The new Vampire Weekend is absolutely fantastic from front to back.
    – Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) has a side project called The Shouting Matches. If there was ever a sountrack for summertime driving, this is it.

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