Creative coworking space on 35th

Joe and I took a stroll down 35th Street the other night to check out the open house at “Flock,” a new coworking space for designers. I hope they do well!


There’s a sitting area with couches when you come in, and a Mac outfitted with Adobe Cloud, a conference room/photo studio, work tables, paper samples and design books, lockers and kitchen space and some tiny private rooms in the back. I took pictures with my phone like a creeper, so I didn’t get very many good ones.


I remember when I started writing for Juice how the old Impromptu Studio brought some great people together, and of course I was a fan of my friend Alexander’s former Foundry coworking spot.

Flock’s designer niche is neat, but I think they need some more shared equipment. Flock on Facebook. A Fast Company article on coworking.

20130524_192104Flock is in that St. George’s square spot, which always seems to have different indie shops popping up. I love that 35th is a Greek street in Des Moines, with St. George’s Church a few blocks north. (Don’t forget the Greek Food Fair is June 1-2! We went last year and got baklava sundaes.) Mostly unrelated, but I ran into Brian from Saturday Mfg (remember their office holiday party decor and Thelma’s boxes?) and they’re looking to hire a business development person.


P.S. This weekend marks my 6th year living in Des Moines! We had dinner at Exile with some of my first friends who are moving to Madison next week, but otherwise I spent it hanging out at home, watching the storm and switching out my winter wardrobe for summer skirts and dresses. Clothes everywhere and right now I fit into none of them! Reuniting with my summer prints and patterns did breathe some brightness into the cloudy weekend.

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  1. Ha, I know how you feel! I was pregnant during the spring/summer so non of my summer stuff fit in 2011, next summer in 2012 I was still big from being pregnant, so this spring and summer 2013 I am looking at my summer clothes and I feel like I won lottery! It all feels NEW. It has been too long. It really motivated me to lose 24 pounds, few more to go but overall I can fit inot my clothes again!!!! (I gain lots of pounds while breast feeding, not sure how but it happen.) Congrats on your baby!!!! You life will change and you do not even know how wonderful it will be!

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