A little like Lolo

I might look like Humpty Dumpty these days, but I feel a little like an Olympic hurdler. It’s been quite the sprint of a spring, with lots of events and milestones spread across these final months of pregnancy. Physically, I can’t see my feet while standing — which might not be a bad thing, considering they’ve swollen to elephantine proportions. Mentally, it felt like they were just skimming the ground. Each week I’d get the updates telling me baby is the size of a banana or squash or <insert produce of approximately similar size here>, but I felt like I needed to stay laser-focused on The Next Thing.

62bcd72abfdb11e2a45222000a9e06f4_7I don’t feel like I’ve missed out on enjoying pregnancy because of being busy, but I’ve been on productivity overdrive — probably to an irksome level. The whole nesting instinct has manifested itself beyond just my nursery decorating obsession. Every task has a due date, and I want to meet it so that I can check it off and move on and not be tangled in a jumble of unfinished to-dos when this baby arrives. Coming from a journalism background, I’m deadline-oriented to begin with, but pregnancy has added a whole new dimension to things. I worry I’ve been a little bit like a girl on the playground who is twirling the double dutch rope too fast. She’s not always the most fun to play with.


Thankfully, I feel like I’ve come to a resting point. Our big work fundraiser is now a fond memory. I had the day off Friday and got a massage from East Village Spa. It was a first Mother’s Day gift from Joe, who necessitated a midnight bar pickup Thursday after an evening of debauchery with my brother. I felt like I earned it on Friday. I also got to see some of the super cute designs from Brandi’s new POWpourri line when I stopped into Ephemera.


My family came into town. I graduated on Sunday with my Master’s degree. It’s crazy to think that 2.5 years of evening classes are behind me! We celebrated with dinner at Django.


I took today off, too, and caught my breath. There’s an empowering feeling and a beauty in pushing forward, even when it’s hard, but I’m so glad the finish line is in sight. My due date is June 4 and I’m feeling as ready as I’ll be.

P.S. All of the nursery components are finished. Just need to hang a few things and then I’ll have to post about everything. The room makes me so happy, but I do feel a twinge of guilt about how lucky our child will be. I want to let him or her know that from those to whom much is given, much is expected. I hope growing up in a beautiful space will inspire generosity and kindness.


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5 responses to “A little like Lolo

  1. Heather Lilienthal


  2. Kristin

    “I want to let him or her know that from those to whom much is given, much is expected.” So true! You’re such an inspirational and giving person I have no doubt your child will learn from you. 🙂 Best wishes in the home stretch!

  3. CONGRATS, Brianne! You are inspiration to be sure. Glad to hear you are celebrating and got a message.

    Best, Siobhan

    Siobhan Spain COSC | CENTER ON SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES Iowa’s Trusted Educational Resource for Sustainable Programming 515-707-2783 | siobhan@icosc.com | cosc-evergreen.org | icosc.com

  4. Enjoy the last few weeks/days- and know that once the baby is here, you will have plenty of time to sit still and ignore your to-do list. I’m amazed at how much you’ve been able to do while growing this little one!

  5. Hi Brianne. I loved seeing your nursery and reading your blog. You are as sweet as I remember you being! Best of luck with your delivery and I know you will be an awesome Mom! After all, you had a great mentor– love Kathy Kelley!

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