Breezy evening

A few finishing touches and it’s all coming together. The windows went in, the curtains went up. It’s nice to catch a breeze (whenever I write that word, I think of how my mom calls me Breezer Weezer or Breezey Weasey sometimes) and soon the tree right outside the window will explode in pink flowers.


A friend reupholstered our Craigslist rocker, and little creatures are taking up residence on the walls:


Reality check: Wilbur has also decided that he should poop in the nursery. Naughty pup. He’s never gone in the house before, so it’s fantastic that he’s decided to do this now, with the new carpet in. Probably his doggy way of staking a claim. It’s a good thing we finally got the door on to keep him out! Any suggestions?

Two Buzzfeed parenting articles that cracked me up:

The 13 Creepiest Things A Child Has Ever Said To A Parent

More pregnancy updates after the jump…

I got sick on Saturday and stayed on the couch the whole day. At 36 weeks, I’m pretty much over this whole third trimester. Hopefully the baby has the same kind of idea, although last night I dreamt I gave birth on May 7, which is tomorrow. Yikes! I was telling a Joe that when this baby gets its move on, it’s now big enough that at times it feels like a fish that you catch and then try to pin down in the bottom of the boat. He didn’t believe me until he saw a great arc of body part come swooping across my belly. Seriously. That part’s actually still pretty fun, it’s the other side effects and the looks of shock and disbelief when I have to tell people No, probably not any day now. More like a month.

The other night, I got a horrible charlie horse while I was sleeping and woke up freaking out and yelling at Joe to stretch my leg. At first he thought I was in labor, and he sprung right into action and helped me get at least semi-comfortable. Psych! It was pretty sweet. I’ve been bugging Joe by asking him what he’s going to wear during my labor.  Jeans feel too stiff and sports clothes seem too, I don’t know, informal? Collegiate slacker? I think he should get a pair of scrub pants and a white T-shirt, but he thinks I’m being a big weirdo.

I’ve already admitted that I haven’t been reading stacks of pregnancy or parenting books, but I have been fascinated by birth stories. I watched “The Business of Being Born” a few years ago (spoiler alert: there is some naked Ricki Lake involved) and it made me interested in trying to have as intervention-free labor as possible, although I know things happen and it might not be meant to be.

As that labor looms, I’m still pretty confident that will be my goal, although I was glad to hear of one type of medication that “takes the edge off” and only lasts for 20 minutes or so that I might be willing to try beg them to administer. Also, when we practiced breathing methods in our birthing class, I visualized Wilbur doing one of his hilarious freakouts and had the worst uncontrollable laughing fit. Real mature.

A few different birth stories:

Kelsey’s birth story was especially interesting to me because she used the same midwives and hospital as I will. I’m not interested in documenting the whole thing photographically, but I was super-impressed with her whole timeline!

I’ve already posted Cara’s Berkley birth story, but it was so crazy to read after all of the months of talking pregnancy together. I told her I want Mike (her husband) to write the story from his perspective, too!

Andrea’s friend Laura wrote about the giving birth at 26 weeks on Ever After Blueprint. It sounds like her daughter is doing well, which is great!

I first read this supercrazyfast Christmas Eve birth story on Little Green Notebook when it happened (in 2009!) but it’s such a memorable one, I had to go back and re-read it.


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5 responses to “Breezy evening

  1. Oh the fun is just about to begin, well after that whole labor part! Thanks for linking back to Lydia’s story, the girl sure knows how to make a grand entrance! And yes she’s doing wonderfully now, each day getting more hilarious than the day before.

  2. I love Des Moines! And I love your blog. Good luck with the delivery. Enjoy!

  3. RE III

    Suggestion for Joe’s attire

  4. you will do great! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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